Cutting (Epilogue)

Pain scorches my mind

As I peruse the novels

Of my recollections

Every night is identical

Read, reminisce, agony

So I incinerated the library

Of my long kept memories

And their embers seared a hollowness

Into my soul

The ashes of my past

Floating away into the blood-red of the firmament

Or is it of my veins

I can’t say

I can’t remember

I don’t care

The stars sing tenderly to me

Their mournful cry from afar

Helpless to relieve me

Powerless to help

Incapable of aiding

A dying man

A vanished cause

A solitary shadow

I’ve given up the contest

There is no longer a challenge

No longer the next battle

Just eternity at my fingertips

And the doorway in my hand

A slit across the open earth

And I fade into nothingness

Perhaps they will miss me when I’m gone

Funny how they listen

When you can no longer speak

Yet, perhaps they will forget me

I do not know

Another life aborted

Gone into I know not where

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Note: I do not cut now, this is just a story.  Written after the end, therefore subtitled Epilogue. I won't say to enjoy this one...

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My ode to the soap opera

belief system

My ode to the soap opera


Originally created to sell soap

And now they steal souls

Hypnotising the populous

To think others lives exist

That are worse than us


Screaming, shouting too

The air is normally blue

Throw in a murder or two

Compared to your life?

How does it compare to you?


A catchy, established tune

Normally introduces you

Images of a fictional town

Soon starts the darkness

Actors with permanent frowns


definitely work of fiction

but some have an addiction

nothing but a life constriction

living another’s dream world

in life terms a contradiction


Commercial channels cramming

Materialisms advertising

Addiction lead to wallet resizing

this format got you gripped?

Needs a personal uprising


energy flows to your tv

when you stare; circuitry

rewired very covertly

why their called programs

to ensure your conformity


in a system that shouldn’t be

we should all be flying free

being controlled quietly

though nobody would admit

this, it surely be

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my ode entitled 'scientific method is wrong'

belief system


Scientific Method is wrong

Scientific method is wrong

All goes naturally Pete Tong
Due to scientist’s brains
Skewing results in the main


The power of the human mind
Is infinite all of the time
And experiments are bad too
The results, brains will skew


When scientific method happens
Gets twisted beyond recognition
Can easily move any energy
The results, struggle to see


Expectation puts up barricades
Puts the truth in the shade
Subconsciously, by those carrying out
Experiments, they naturally flout


Especially if tests are financed
Corporation, foundation: No chance
Of achieving accurate results
Paying for the skew, they end up


Cos it shows what they wanted it to
Even though the results are skewed
Scientific method, throw it in the trash
Affected by scientists; that’s a fact



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True happiness.

True happiness
doesn't come from the treasures
or wealth that we acquire
but the contentment
of love peace
and the place we call home
within our hearts and minds
our love for God
and spiritual growth
to which we aspire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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my ode to divination

Ode to Divination

A gift from the divinity
To interpret signals of electricity
Messages your brain can’t understand
Messages from near and distant lands

Some can’t understand divination
They think it’s a stone and string
But from the dawn of time
An art amazing, sat nav sublime

Anyone who just cannot appreciate
This art, gives results no credence
I’m sorry to report, heads in a box
The one this system has made for us

Divination at first hand sounds crazy
Get answers to any question daily
This amazing art looks off the wall
But there shouldn’t be any walls at all

Divination is a pair of stabilizers
On your first bike, until you are wiser
Once you get skilled and develop talent
Then you don’t need aids to your balance

Then you can connect to mission control
Can you hear voices? Not demons at all
More than likely the divine committee
Wants to help you like it’s helping me

The box on your head is the Berlin wall
Tear it down, then find a world of mental
And open your mind to spirit help
Wading through life doesn't have to be hell

Higher mind is essential to get direction
Only way to connect without meditation
This is with a pendulum or rod
Your very own personal telephone to god

Just remember to ask it test questions
And ask it if it stands in the light
Better still, ask for your 6th density self
Always highest interest, and ready to help

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My ode entitled 'power of the human mind'

Power of the human Mind
I hope you don’t mind
We have one, all of our kind

Left and right lobes
Normally carrying heavy loads
But if anyone knew
About our mind: The truth

That it’s only designed for
Cataloging all the scores
It’s our higher mind which
Sees more of the shit

Cos it has the elevation
To see any trouble coming
And when you use your mind
To plan out future lives

It’s not working efficiently
That’s the higher mind’s job you see
The power of the human brain
Certainly far more amazing

Than anyone gives credit for
On purpose, life becomes a chore
Einstein was asked once to
Put together a crack team to do

A series of extreme experiments
But he gave up: reputation dent
He said that the scientists minds
Affecting the results all the time

The human brain can be amazing
It can do absolutely anything
Providing you don’t give it abuse
Drugs, poor food, any pollute
Power of the human brain fantastic
A future is bendy, like stretchy elastic

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Within the far off landscapes of a dream.

Within the far off landscapes of a dream
where the mind crosses the void of rationality
into surreality
as the imagination flows like a bending winding
mountain stream
that we sail upon and journey
through the curtain of the unconscious
to release our deepest hopes as desires
that transpire
drwan from the rich tapestry of life.

Peter Dome.copyright,.2012.

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Afternoon Nap

Wulfman Adventures

I would like to draw and paint.
I would like to write poetry.
I cannot keep the eyes focus.
I cannot keep the mind open.
The body is in too much pain as well.
So I curl up on the blank canvas.
Snoring- hoping for art to happen as I dream.

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The Focus Point

Kiss of Honey

It is a cloudy, cold day and nature seems moody.
We are hardly this far apart, few times but not often enough.
I am sitting in a public building back home, staring out the dirty window.
Looking north to Canada, mind drifts but the solid point is you.
I try to write, focus my mind but all it keeps gathering is memories of us, and you.
The anchor to my drifting boat, I wonder what you are up to.
I would usually be at home, not a hundred miles away with a numb mind.
Am I only alive when we are together? Just a minimal functioning shell when we are apart?
Or is the lack of sleep and no coffee dragging me? The dizzy bus ride to get out here?
I came here for something and found a closed door. With you, doors and windows are open.
I am glad within me is sunshine, bright and cheerful instead of dreadful and wet winter day.
How often do we get apart far enough to reflect what we have been blessed with?

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