soap opera

My ode to the soap opera

belief system

My ode to the soap opera


Originally created to sell soap

And now they steal souls

Hypnotising the populous

To think others lives exist

That are worse than us


Screaming, shouting too

The air is normally blue

Throw in a murder or two

Compared to your life?

How does it compare to you?


A catchy, established tune

Normally introduces you

Images of a fictional town

Soon starts the darkness

Actors with permanent frowns


definitely work of fiction

but some have an addiction

nothing but a life constriction

living another’s dream world

in life terms a contradiction


Commercial channels cramming

Materialisms advertising

Addiction lead to wallet resizing

this format got you gripped?

Needs a personal uprising


energy flows to your tv

when you stare; circuitry

rewired very covertly

why their called programs

to ensure your conformity


in a system that shouldn’t be

we should all be flying free

being controlled quietly

though nobody would admit

this, it surely be

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