My ode entitled 'power of the human mind'

Power of the human Mind
I hope you don’t mind
We have one, all of our kind

Left and right lobes
Normally carrying heavy loads
But if anyone knew
About our mind: The truth

That it’s only designed for
Cataloging all the scores
It’s our higher mind which
Sees more of the shit

Cos it has the elevation
To see any trouble coming
And when you use your mind
To plan out future lives

It’s not working efficiently
That’s the higher mind’s job you see
The power of the human brain
Certainly far more amazing

Than anyone gives credit for
On purpose, life becomes a chore
Einstein was asked once to
Put together a crack team to do

A series of extreme experiments
But he gave up: reputation dent
He said that the scientists minds
Affecting the results all the time

The human brain can be amazing
It can do absolutely anything
Providing you don’t give it abuse
Drugs, poor food, any pollute
Power of the human brain fantastic
A future is bendy, like stretchy elastic

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