Lost Memory


Story of a life
Not yours, not his
Not hers, not theirs

Personal property
Private property
Mine, mine, mine
Prefer it simple

Leave it alone
Leave it alone
Either way it is gone behind
Once again another
Lost memory

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Losing memories.

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Dear Alzheimer's


Left me blank

Jumped off the plank

In waters deep

My thoughts left me

I'm drowing here

No comforts near

Darkness surrounds

As I drown

A light flickers on 

On the edge of dawn

A place thats white

Doesn't feel right

The color seeps in

I know whats  been

The past is clear



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Light and Dark

Every tear a snapshot

Every wound a memory

Scars I can’t remove

Remind of what you did to me

Visions glare in front of me

But I can’t feel a thing

That life both past is present

All lost because a ring


I'm trying to make things better,
but they only get worse.
Trying to stuff the pain away
To try and hide the hurt.
But this world is grinding at my sand paper sanity
until it's absolutely nothing.
And these demons have me on my knees begging for mercy.

Well, at least it’s something


I can’t go on like this

I’ve got to get away

Fallen angels dragging me down

To die again today

My heart has lost it’s city lights

It’s eroded into the slum

And I’ll never feel a thing again

I only can feel numb

Lost, abandoned, forsaken, left

Deserted, discarded, neglected, bereft

Cast off again, I can’t even start

Another child aborted, but this was my heart


All that’s left is apathy

Nothing left inside of me

Never will we be one

And so I’m left again, numb 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Italics were written by Underwater_Trying_Not_to_Drown.  Enjoy

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After a long time
it laminate me again
sitting at the roof
it caught me again

felt again the influence
in pictures of my friends
the old story of our school days
attracted me again


that terror of our English teacher
still happy, my piece of writing

helps you sometime
having fun at free periods
tried our best
for each other to pass the bad times


At exams our friendship didn't leave the side
helps as much as we could
from our parents scold ,
who wait for this time
even if sorrow found the path to reach us
we made everything fine


Still remember my fight
to catch you at one last time
when it looked like it

walked away with a speed of light
when it look like all pages were filled
but came back with speed of mine
and called it "never end of line"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the time which i spent with my friends will always be remain in my heart

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Dreams, they pass by, they fly by;
In a moment, flash, boom and then they're gone;
Sufferin, in those moments of pure brilliance
knowing that they're only temporary
and even with twenty-twenty, you look back, fact check,
still it's all just a blurry mess
of puzzle pieces, little teases
of what you once were...

I'm not what I thought I was;
I'm not what I'm supposed to be;
I'm not who you think I am
I'm not where I should be.
What am I?
Who is in this mirror I see.

It's like you're running in the dark
stark naked though an onslaught
of freezing rain, with that creeping pain, only to become numb
to your situation; jubilation as you feel this warmth,
even hot with anticipation, but it's not real, not this, this feeling, not now, not real, (not real) or is it...

I'm not what I thought I was;
I'm not what I'm supposed to be;
I'm not who you think I am
I'm not where I should be.
Is any of this really real?
For real, who is in this mirror I see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not a final work, but needed to be posted.

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Sharpnels of You

2010-2012 Poems

I walked around the city 
And it burns deep inside. 
Throbbing pain as if my
Insides are slowly pinched,
Stretched and punctured...
Over and over again. 

I walked around the city
And it slowly kills a part of me.
I wiped the gushing blood
In anger, pain and desolation. 
For it fucking hurts,
And it's not even coming
From these stitched, 
Surgical wounds-
Near my heart. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin 22Sep2012- Bangkok

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A New Favorite Memory


You don’t know
You just can’t understand
But every time I’m with you
Like footprints in the sand
A new memory created
And that one’s my new favorite
Like this first time we dated
Etched onto my heart

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Church bells ring
But I don’t hear them
Silence is my only sound
My world is in black and white
The color is gone
Since you’re now no longer around
Music once flowed, now out of my life
Children are laughing
But I can’t see
All I see is you, leaving me slowly
Watching me suffer
In love with you, forever I’ll be

Why didn’t I fight
My cowardice shown
But now you’re gone
And I’m left all alone
I’d rather be in pain
Than feel nothing at all
Apathy, still having
Yet further to fall
My heart ripped out
A hollow chest remains
No power to fight
Memory, my chains

So, am I living or have I yet died
Nothing is left, I’m hollow inside

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What is there to relish in heaven
if the vulgarity of relationship haunts
even after retiring from earth?

The loose threads of yearning criss-cross memory
I can still feel the river’s twisted flow
Toward lower reaches, exhausted and strip teased.

The nudity of moon and stars is beyond touch
who cares I evolve or end like them
suspended from a plane I can hardly reach?