(don't be) That Guy

living on summer fat, scrounging the cold winter intestines of the city i
grow increasingly malnourished
pock marks and purple-shaded eyes mark my place
in a world of disconcerting beauty, figures
much brighter than my imagination can conjure, i
try not to fall into some kind of thrall, but the fits and starts
of my pen on the page note the failure.

(stay in the race! brush your teeth! don't ignore your appearance while cultivating seeds of material prosperity! you can win this, you can win, you can...)

existing in the endless immediacy of the information age, i
receive contradictory advice
girded in steel and "no means no" and admonishments to
"not be That Guy" i
retreat into meekness and feel ashamed of my constant
stolen glances at the goddesses of my world, i
the heterosexist penitant watch baleful through a window with bars
as Those Guys make their conquests
with much ruder instruments.

(stay! stay the course! accomplish your ends with quiet dignity and respect! you can fight this, you can fight, you can...)

masturbating fitfully behind ice-frosted windows, i
make a boring joke of my words
even this enterprise to quickly abandon for
more visceral fantasies - poetry's a fucking phantasm anyway
a way to make great that which is only mediocre, and i
fail in any case to make any dimples on the faces
of the goddesses.

they sit in their places as imperious statues until whisked from my sight
subject as they are to far more immediate concerns (women are capable of making great artists).

i can no longer resist the urge to share.

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You and Me

My Boo

You and me.
Me and You.
Those three words
make me happy.

I know that
you love others,
but that doesn't
take away from
the fact that
I love you!

I would wait
forever and ever
for you, dear.
I won't do
anything that might
hurt you, hon,
no matter what!
If I did,
I would not
be able to
forgive myself, ever!

You and me,
three normal words
that, when they
are put together
they make up
one beautiful meaning!

Those three words
put all together
simply mean, Us!

If I have
to wait awhile
for you to
feel the same
way about me,
then I will
wait as long
as I must!

Because, my dear,
I love you
and you mean
the whole world
and then some
more, to me!

Someday I hope
that it will
be me and you,
you and me,
together in person!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About my girl! <3! Please tell me what you think!

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Personified within me...


Dubiously I feel the warmth of your presence
Ignited the wooziness within me
Makes my knees fragile to feel you near
To hear you whisper in my ear
My passion begins to bleed
Running through my veins
Is the very quintessence of you

Trampled is my body
As goose bumps repeal me
As your flesh covers me
Caresses every inch of me
Juices begin to flow
Secretions of love
Are escaping from within

Touched by the everglades
Our romance is glistening
Trapped within our embrace
Intoxicated in honey-suckled essence
Covered in rose pedals
Relaxed in passion
Exhausted by the thought of you
Standing here before me
Unleashing reins of serenity

Passion eludes my flesh
As you suck on my neck
Kissing my nipples
As your tongue ring dances
Up and down
Across my flesh
Passion excites me with every stroke
Every pop of your tongue
Releases my ego
Bask lashing this ass
Brutha please
Hold on tight
Cause I'm about to take flight

As my body shivers
To your rhythmic love groove
So hot
So tempted
Ready to climax
The pleasure is unbearable
Please dont stop
Just give me more
As I allow you to explore
The very essence of my honey pot
Yes, thats it
thats my mutha fuccing spot

As i looking into the mirror
Who is that i see
Oh dam it's the freaky Bitch with in me
Hit it harder
As you are
Transforming me
Satisfying my inner mystery
I never want to awake
From this eluding dream

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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Waypoint in the Desert

Sandy jaws to swallow,
emphatic noise to follow.
The swivel of the molten air,
The link on third - try not to care;
and beg for turn in right direction
from the waypoint in the desert, there ...

Cast from drowning oceans,
I bottled self in sand.
My newest skin encased in grains,
I withstood and will withstand.

Winds came with their beating;
my blood just wouldn't clot.
The only sting that woke me up
was lost as I'd forgot

to keep my head on level
and know which way to merge.
The desert lay enraptured
upon the day its dirge

rang to scare the buzzards;
rang to stir the rocks.
I saw a waypoint standing far
with every angle locked.

I took a step to face it;
it threw away a glance.
Chances are at elsewhere,
somewhere left to chance.

It told me this way, that,
spat at both my shoes;
all along alluring by
all the paths to choose.

It took on filling curves;
turned from wood to bone.
Making flesh from drying leaves,
it offered me its throne.

And the harshness dropped to dollops,
with sun intensified -
as the post was human,
I swept the thought aside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written as a song at first, which is why it has the random introduction, but it just works much better as a straight poem.

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The Rising

Times upon the morning,
the eastern rising star,
along the way you hear the call
of the rising beast within.

Of course you cannot see it,
of course you cannot feel,
just dash along the daring path
while the beast doth follow suite.

Nightly voyages wander,
by stormy rock and foam,
with golden lust upon your breath
the beast doth surge again.

As night doth follow day,
so sleep doth follow it,
as your friends do take a peaceful rest
the beast has risen too.

The harsh end now strides too,
the bitter lust betray,
the lustful steel and bloody blade
the beast shall rise again.

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Resolved to Love

Her eyes opened to the dark of the coming dawn.
Silence, like the canopy above her head, hung in the air, if only to be disturbed by the rustling wind.
She blinks again, unsure of what her eyes are showing.
He was there, laying beside her in bed, his face soft from slumber.
Beside her was where she found him.

He could feel her eyes, like the morning sun, enveloping him in their warmth.
He didn't dare stir at fear he would startle her and force her to hide behind a blush.
He knew she was questioning his presence.
Then slowly, he felt her wrap herself in the sheet and remove herself from the bed.
Never again would he let her leave him.

She clung to the sheet as her feet slipped across the cold floor.
She gazed through the open window at the commencing morning.
She couldn't bring herself to find her clothing that was thrown about the room.
In that moment she was resolved to stay.
She was resolved to let herself love him.

He watched her as the sun slowly rose to illuminate the paleness of her skin.
He let his feet touch the floor and carry him to her.
His arms moved to tighten the sheet around her, and yet, secure her to him.
She was too much to take in all at once, he loved all of her equally.
So he closed the curtain again.

Together they let the morning pass to night once more.
And in their slumber they held onto each other for dear life.
Never again would they let go.
Never to be apart.
Together to greet the oncoming dawn.

Resolved to always love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is quite a poem, but it's not a short story either. I thought there might be an audience for it here.

The Mercenary and The Squire

The nightly curtain crept across the land
Forcing to life all that are under its command
And by its hand, lustful shadows cast upon a wall
As into a passionate love we do, once again, fall

Soldiers, basking bodies in their master’s lunar light
A practice field where many may show their true might
It is here that in private rounds longing is released
When it is flesh of the innocent upon which they feast

Enter the ring, a ravenous mercenary with many kills
And by his hand he brings along a squire of many skills
To dual away until altered is the purity of her soul
So that come morning he may say it is her he has stole

But smart was the squire whose sinlessness was feigned
By her body and to it so the mercenary would be chained
Unwise was he as he drew her closer by his leading hand
So quickly the she squire gave him all he could withstand

Long into the hours of their master’s reign they battled
Until it seemed that both fighters were visibly rattled
Battered and panting they agreed to a truce
To stay in each others arms required no excuse

Stay like that they did, well into the reign of dawn
But with no fear, for their master had not gone
Wrapped in his curtain of darkness they remained
Safe from the world, their lust filled night contained

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The mercenary is a man.
The squire is a woman.
The night is their master.

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Now enter the lovely Mrs.L

seven deadly sins

The bell rings signaling the end of class
Mrs.L Calls me over be for I scuttle off
"Joe i regret to inform you, but you're failing this class
I recomend staying after today for extra help"
I agree to it and scurry off to my next class

Mrs.L is beautiful... ok she's smoking hot
shoot me, it's not weird to think a teacher hot
I mean she has long brown hairamd, mint green eyes
not to mention her breast, hidden by her white lab coat
They are huge! Why would she hide them?

It's the end of the day, so I return to her room
right next to the religion's class after school bible study
I hear their topic as I stroll by unconsiosly listening
"...Lust, the sin of loving a person for their looks..."
I walk to Mrs.L's class room darkend inside

The door is unlocked so I go in and call for Mrs.L
"I'm here come in, close the door, and get the lights"
I do so and sit down, Mrs.L appears from her office
the thing is her lab coat is only button with her waist
exposing her undergarments, and her heavenly breasts

she saunters over to me, swaying her hips
she strattles my lap and starts licking my neack and ears
I say this is wrong but she continues working me up
she grabs my arms and makes me fondle her breasts
I continue out of fear of her reaction

she now kisses me, wrapping her toung around mine
She then grabs my other hand and makes me grab her butt
she then undresses me then steps back
sizeing meand my boys up, she then strips
her coat comes off her and onto me
my souvenir of our study date

My emotions are so conflicting, its like ice on fire
I'm scared of getting caught and a little of Mrs.L
I'm feeling pleased because I wanted this
I'm empowered because I am doing an older woman
I feel belittled because she has all the power
confused unto why it's me and not Joe next to me

she getson her knees and starts to lickmy lolipop
I shutter with pleasure and she continues to her own accord
she now is sucking it, her mouth nice and warm
she looks in my eyes and she has a devilish look in them
I feel it going down her throat, not able to move
now a brest job and hand job soon after she knows my desires

I am so pleased I release, it goes all over her, her hair face and body
but shes not done, she raises and grabs my dick
she then proceeds to put it inside her, slowly, moaning with pleasure
her eyes sparkle with evil delight, looking as pleased as I am
her cool minty eyes hot with desire

she starts slow up, down, up, down, up, down
then she makes me go deeper up...down...up...down
all the while kissing and licking me like befor but now my chest too
she now goes faster up,down,up,down
she now reaches her limit and we both release at once

the chair I sit on is strong like my desire un-breakable
able to hold my heavy thoughts of what I desire sexualy
only this chair isn't twisted like my desires, it's pretty normal
I want what God doesn't want for me or his other creations

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I guess the exams made me horny. XD god im such a damn nerd. anywho I dream of some messed up shit, but go ahead judge me if you will. i will leave those thoughts behind with you.

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Hunger strikes, its only 2’oclock.
O’ what have I done to fall for this fuck?

The craving, it longs for your 2 minute touch,
But for you its little more than a loveless lust.

It is only time before this flickering mirage ends,
And then it all goes back to playing pretend.

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