conjugal visit

the guards have stepped beyond the door
for just this moment the bars are forgotten
wall of glass between us shattered by reality
as hands reach into jeans to feel my thickness there
waiting hungry life..
eyes dance as passsion grows within..
time is short and months of hunger explode..
grabbing fiercely at thin layers of fabroic betwen hunger and its release..
rip tear split share
deep kiss.. lingereing taste..
moistness slides around warm fingers..
teeth gently speak in the staccato verbs of pleasure and pain..
nails speak the secret message of longing
as they scream thru flesh
i had once spoke of my hunger for you
from behind the glass
fingers outstretched as they glided down it across your face..
words did no justice to the
rapture now washing over you
slam against wall as thrust deeply..
each chapter of my thick sex read slowly to the waiting ears of ur pussy
listen to my stories of hunger as each thrust reverberates against the wall..
shaking your form. breasts heaving as they crush against me…
twist slam. floor creeps up fast
as mouth clamps down around sex..
drink deep the taste of freedom..
sustenance for the long months between our next meeting..
tongue fucked deep..
choke me baby let me feel my world spin with your thighs around my neck..
hands drive into my scalp..
giving more of your pleasure to my hungers..
blood drawn on shoulders.
pain flicks tongue deeper into your flesh..
dance with the rhythm of last supper..
soon back to the warzone as reality creeps up through the steps of time to steal me away again..
each drive deeper into your center..
remember me as this cock fills you up..
sweet freedom of your sex..
sweet taste of your pleasure..
i release my all to you that iit may do u more good in the prison of the world than me in a place forever outside of it..
slam down as thrust finds release..
lifesblood flowing across your skin..
hurried rush of clothes
wrapped again in prison outfit..
i stare at the invisible number of your shirt..
you stare at my visible one..
stare deep and remember me baby

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is dedicated to all the brothers and sisters incarcerated..


warm thighs wrapped around full submission to thievery.. gift of self wrapped in thrusts of emotion..

urgent hunger as life force funneled and shaped into the ram pounded tinto wall of distance between us as bodies meld together..

sensations rise to blur between lover and loved as boundaries of touch spread out into the ether to embrace me caress and know me as the warm winds know the blades of grass on a cold ground..

feel the dance of my kisses upon you as i seek warmth in the touch of your face there graceful curve as snuggle into warm lips as they wrap around the parts of me to be tasted and felt and listened to..

they sing to you as you wrap around all of me to be a home for this wandering soul after a hard long journey to find you there..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

time will tell all things

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run from pain by diving through it
seeking to awaken from the cold
feel of its splash upon me
reach deep and wrap myself
in cloak of dreams
shelter from their sanity
know path of dreams
and wishes by the stroke
of their movements
as limbs animate
them as paintings
upon the canvas of life
as lips
softly caress
painting the gift
of pleasure
color the air
red with
heat of
hunger as it slides
across molecules
of oxygen
to taste
moans as they escape
from ur lips..
tasted well and
washed down with
the sip of your eyes
as they mirror
the warmth
of the exchange
as our bodieds swim together
wrap your cunt around
my thrusting gift of
as i seek the knowledge
hidden deep within unknown
lessons learned in
warm comfort of my cell
companions bodies teach universal truths
shared with teachers and students
yet unknown to
the feel
of warm fingers
questing tongue
dancing heart
against nipples
grazing hard
against tender skin..
pressed full crushed
into body wrapped around the gift of you

absence – elvis has left the building

i wake up and think about the sleepers coinage and know that i have to get some more to “live” in their world.. what can i say, i like toys..

and so i reach into the closet for their prison uniform.. the noose goes on so smooth and i look in the mirror…. damn prison never looked so sexy.. sharp angles and flows of febric said as a sign to others that i was a predator among the sleepers.. a shark.. a suit..


and i stepped out into the sun.. thinking about this time away from their world.. dipping in it from time to time searching for you.. i thought of my hands that still remembered well the noose that is the sign of a world which keeps us apart..


but i do it for you.. i master their world and rise above it.. their sleepers coinage helps me buy the time and means to search for you.. to find you.. to reach you.. so i wear instead a suit of armor.. protecting my lovers heart from their jealous eyes… and wading through their words and doubts and plans and limits as i search for you.. to fly away beyond their grasp hand in hand..


but the pain of putting back on that armor.. (heavy and stiff compared to a layer of your smooth skin across mine..) without your touch was almost too much to bear.. so i am sorry for my absence..

just thought id let you know that feelings are always there coming from me to you without even a word.. for we have met and in the flow of life and thought that criss crosses this world we will meet again somewhere and so i wish you well thoughts on that journey..

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Beauty Disguised

Beauty disguised in rumpled tatters;
dressed in undoing - not of one's own
Handed to fate - lacking an escape,
sitting by the wayside knowing you're alone

Teardrops leaving traces in the dust;
streaked smudges erasing a hundred more.
Upon your face - the pangs of misery speak;
each moment passed, is time to abhor

Draped in the garments of disparaging grace,
shrouding misfortune falls at your feet
A taunt of hope to end with every day,
honey to vinegar - tastes so bittersweet

An open palm implores meager means;
a morsel of crumbs to ease hunger's vile
Gifted manna is a mirage to the mind;
a moment in dream brings retch of bile

No thoughts to ease reality's blight,
suffers the child with no course to seek
Foreign is smile beneath saddened eyes;
rose's color denied to either cheek

As evening greets without place to rest,
on barren ground, you lay your head
Waking nightmares is the life you lead;
morning approaches, bringing all its dread

Adorned with discarded dreams and hope,
cycle repeats until all is made right
Bring to your heart a child without home;
show your love - help end their sorrowed plight

Beauty disguised in rumpled tatters;
dressed in undoing - not of one's own
Handed to fate - lacking an escape,
sitting by the wayside knowing you're alone

© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Through my eyes.

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my life is being lived backwards.
i began young with grown up ways.
now i just want to have fun!
i'm feeling greedy and hungry!
love me, need me, feed me!
i'll wrap myself around you and take you into me.
just let me have all of you
and i'll give you my everything!
i want you to focus on me.
put me in the center of your world.
revolve around me baby!
revolve around me!

i'm bubbly and so alive!
your life just jumped off its boring track.
hop onto me and never look back!
i ride every wave of ecstasy you bring.
you carry me away with every breath.
love me, want me, eat me!
you'll fill me up with your seed and i'll be what you need.
this isn't your typical affair.
fate brought us together on the luckiest of days.
now we take this path because we dare!
together we can rule this world!
revolve with me baby!
revolve around each other forever!

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Throughout the world
there are people
who everyday,
are incredibly hungry.

The hunger tears
through their stomachs.
They are ever so hungry!

They need food,
but cannot buy it,
they don't have enough for it.
So they have to go without.

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Hunger Games

Sad Love Poems

I hate the silence most of all because it speaks the truth // leaving me guessing out of my mind of the feelings that are stored in you // & we said it countless amount of times how each others love is what we persue // so how come everytime we lock eyes ur vision seems slightly askew // & as the days go by the thought starts eating me alive // baby im starving for ur heart and i need to know if u feel the same // do u really care or do u jus love me for the fame // im asking u now cuz im tired of these hunger games // & i kno u stay quiet cuz u tryin not to cause me pain // but the question is building tension to the future lesson i will learn someday // so for now i can only grow quiet as i finish up this sentence // leaving the thought of my question to rest in essence as we go back into silence...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem awhile back ago. i actually have many poems that im going to start posting up. I got my inspiration from the awesome book "hunger games"

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I hear their cries on the wind,
loud cries of desperation.
"No food, no food," they cry in vain;
there is no food for their nation.

Their cries are mute, no sound,
all hope gone from their eyes.
The rich eat caviar, drink champagne
as another small baby dies.

When will they learn how to share?
Borders make all the difference.
This side or that means food or none,
poor nations have no influence.

Plenty of money for bombs,
plenty for making grenades,
no money at all to share the food
so another life dims and fades.

Do you htink God doesn't see
when there's enough food for all?
Greed and selfish interest now reign,
they are deaf to the desperate call.

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