To Be With You

Like the bees need the honey dew
And the dark needs the light
All I want is to be with you
Cause I care for you with all my might

Though I just met you a week ago
I would simply like to say
Being with you makes my heart flow
From day to day

I'm afraid that I might fall in love
Looking at the twinkle in your eye's
Sparkling like the stars above
Drifting romantically through the skies

How I would like to kiss your sweet lips
And caress your soft skin
I beg you don't let my heart rip
Stand beside me and hold it in

You’re pure as a white cloud
To walk with you I would be proud
You’re sweet and beautiful
Your kindness is plentiful

For the rest of my life I want to be with you!

By: Wayne Hoss

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warm thighs wrapped around full submission to thievery.. gift of self wrapped in thrusts of emotion..

urgent hunger as life force funneled and shaped into the ram pounded tinto wall of distance between us as bodies meld together..

sensations rise to blur between lover and loved as boundaries of touch spread out into the ether to embrace me caress and know me as the warm winds know the blades of grass on a cold ground..

feel the dance of my kisses upon you as i seek warmth in the touch of your face there graceful curve as snuggle into warm lips as they wrap around the parts of me to be tasted and felt and listened to..

they sing to you as you wrap around all of me to be a home for this wandering soul after a hard long journey to find you there..

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time will tell all things

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