Hell of a World



Living in a world of cries

Strung with death, abuse, and lies


Peace is damned a myth

Along with sanity and grace

Corrupted yet alienated

In this vile place


Where guns are standard

Prostitution and drugs too

Where abandonment is legal

And the innocent are accused


Our children are forgotten

They’re misguided and lost

Parents no longer helpful

No worries, no cost


In this pathetic world

The greedy people shine

Constant repulsive destruction

Of everything divine


This earth is plummeting

A single dark tear

Waiting for Hell

But it’s already here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The world deserves justice, not anachary. 

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run from pain by diving through it
seeking to awaken from the cold
feel of its splash upon me
reach deep and wrap myself
in cloak of dreams
shelter from their sanity
know path of dreams
and wishes by the stroke
of their movements
as limbs animate
them as paintings
upon the canvas of life
as lips
softly caress
painting the gift
of pleasure
color the air
red with
heat of
hunger as it slides
across molecules
of oxygen
to taste
moans as they escape
from ur lips..
tasted well and
washed down with
the sip of your eyes
as they mirror
the warmth
of the exchange
as our bodieds swim together
wrap your cunt around
my thrusting gift of
as i seek the knowledge
hidden deep within unknown
lessons learned in
warm comfort of my cell
companions bodies teach universal truths
shared with teachers and students
yet unknown to
the feel
of warm fingers
questing tongue
dancing heart
against nipples
grazing hard
against tender skin..
pressed full crushed
into body wrapped around the gift of you