Casting Shadows

(Heavy Guitar intro through two measures, then fade to soft with drums and bass soft)


I'm right here Lord where you found me, bent down as I prepare my light.

I'm looking around, but there's something wrong with my eyes.

So many people around me falling to the ground.

Sometimes I feel like they only see shadows when I'm around...


I stand up still holding my light. They don't even seem to notice.

Being still, just staring into the light. I can't see what's behind.

Then I turn around, and they are all staring at me...

because I'm the one that's turned blind!!!


(Everything heavy to start the chorus)


I don't want to spend my life casting shadows around me!

Please God show me once again how to see!

I'm casting these shadows to all I love,

and all that can save me is heaven up above!!!


(Heavy guitar solo which turns into a dual guitars solo)


I'm spending my life casting shadows all around me!

Please God show me once again how I can see!

I'm casting these shadows to everyone I love,

and all that can save me is the Lord God above!!!


Casting shadows isn't how I should be!

It's becoming clear again I see!

Stop casting shadows now to everyone you love,


(guitar softens)


...because you never know when they'll be called by God above...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend of mine sent me a message on facebook asking if I could collaborate with him on some lyrics because he had read some of my stuff. I have had writer's block for a good whikle now, and I think this just conquered it! PRAISE GOD!!! All of the credit goes to the Lord above!

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Black Fever

Cthulhu Mythos

Painful and fatal disease

Not of this world...

Drawn down by Surama

Former priest of Atlantis.


Surama was a mummy;

But back restored to life

By a necromantic ritual

Performed in North Africa.


Wisdom and power

If the disease was spread.

Disgusted with this idea,

Surama left the humane.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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The Stone that crafted me i know

The Womb that gave birth to me

The Rock that decreed my beign

Who then can condenm me ?


The blood that runs in my veins i know

My blood line is unique

My blood cells have made me a wonder

I am uncondemable.


The hidden tongues of judgement i know

Ordinary eyes can not see

Yet in flesh they hide

I am justified by the Light.


Facts condenm me

But Truth sets me free

I refuse and reject guilt

I accept freedom.


Love discovered me

Love beautified me

Love set me on high

Love lifted me to safety.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Man know thyself.

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Where Are We Really Headed?

Where are we really headed--
Divisiveness and hate?
Or some Orwellian classroom
That's sponsored by Bill Gates?
The cults of 1960s,
More drugs, more love and wars?--
Where are we really headed?
What are we living for?
A multicultural prison,
Where everyone's the same,
Where we are merely pieces
In politicians' games?
Where are we really headed?--
A heat wave or more cold--
And will there be more rebels
Turned cynics when they're old?
Where are we really headed?
A workers' paradise--
Where fellow PC comrades
Spew forth the party lines?
Or is it Armageddon
That we're waiting for?--
Forget your student loans
And knock on heaven's door?
Where are we really headed?
World government and porn,
Where we don't need both parents
In order to be born?
Where we can be repaired
With spare body parts,
Where urine and manure
Are still considered art?
Where are we really headed?
I really want to know--
Where are we really headed?
Will we evolve and grow
Beyond black, white and yellow,
Red, brown, blue and green--
Or will we still be worshipping
Some stars in magazines?
Where are we really headed?
Just open the door--
Forget your education
And learn to live
Once more.


September 2, 2013

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(photo from

She wanted so much more,

Because private schooling

And a 200 square foot closet

Is not enough space,

For a heart that wants to feel

What life is really like.

What life is really like

Is when she walked into the dark,

And ate leftover twinkies

From rat-ridden garbage cans,

Where stray cats would claw 

Beneath the emptiness she felt.

Beneath the emptiness she felt,

The place where her memories began,

A place with lace-draped windows,

Gourmet meals, french pedicures,

Maids that emptied her trashcans,

And that became her dinnerplate.

And that became her dinnerplate,

Among a cluttered street,

In summertime the air was sweet,

Rotten fruit she couldn't eat,

And then awakened by a garbage truck,

As rodents scurried by.

As rodents scurried by 

A passing stranger sat to cry,

No more than twenty yards away,

She watched another left to die,

Then reminisced of life now passed,

She asked herself, but why?

She asked herself, but why

Is someone born into this life?

And me, another child the same 

Born with affluence so rife?

So ill prepared to see the truth,

She wanted so much more.


1:22 AM 8/2/2013  ©


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Photo is not of my creation.

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The Way Of Ignorance

All this time,

You were thinking 

I had nothing to say,

The cockamamie way of

Those who blind you,

Blurring your reality,

Bringing you only

What is meant for you to 












Act on,






It is such 

An Intentional

Violation to

Your being,

And to society

As a whole, 

The obsession with




The removal

Of free-thought,


With malicious intent,


Infects us all,

And strips away,

Chiseling at all

That inspires








And self-worth

Of the individual

Destroying any and all

Human rights.




The awareness

Of Divinity,

















All lost at everyone's cost.




To know,

To see,

And possess








And achieve




As it exists in 


The Ethics of Human Rights,


Is not possible


Under this 


Blindfold of deceit.




But the law 

Of opposites

Tells me,

That one must 

First know 

What having a veil

Over their eyes



Before knowing 


It is 




3:51 PM 6/30/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Humanity Is...

...the bridge of a soul from what is,
to what is not, and from what is not,
to what might, can, or should, be.


it is a turn of events in the schism
that shrouds the evolution of
the universe in it's momentum
to be empowered or to wither in
time and space, it is an immeasurable force,
both minescule, and prodigious,
and incapable of comprehending itself
in it's relation to the infinty
that holds it's ongoing
destiny...or not.


it is untold potentiality that
manifests itself through the
guidance of all that is,
and queries that surround
existence...or not,
are the pivotal levers that
hold the breath of the universe
in the interims, gently teetering
upon the fulcrums that
balance the stars and planets.


every new question, thought, awareness,
of every human, anywhere upon the earth,
and every spark of emotion or emergence of enlightenment
contributes to expansion or contraction of all that is...
...and all that is not.


and so to ask the question
of 'to be, or not to be?'
is really just a waste of time
as we know it... oxymoron, maybe,

and yet, all questions

refer back to it.




4:18 PM 5/4/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Incarnation of man.

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Dying Species (from the inside, out)

human beings

The smile that bursts through the clouds of pain,
Is the smile from a place of strength,
Unknown to men who have become weak,
Caudled by the world of fantasy,
It bubbles up from his well within
Like an an earthquake,
It tells the world there is something more important,
Something we need to attend to,
And something far greater than the inconveniences
That life can often dish out in it's merciless ways,
And yet, when we see the smile,

We do not recognise this,
We cannot rejoice,
We cannot appreciate,
We cannot love,
Our instinct most often sought is judgement,
Then envy.



Sad...isn't it?





8:17 PM 5/1/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Strength. Insight. Self. Connection to others.

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Fearless Boston

We are with thee Boston,

No need to fear, you are not alone,

The sacrifices will not go in vain,

Their absence shall energise others to boldly reign.


The Almighty is with the innocents, the good,

Spreading over us the eternal hood,

He shall not spare the guilty,

For them for sure there will be no pity.


Terrorism thus is meant to perish,

As HUMANITY is destined to flourish.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to those innocent people who lost their lives in Boston bombing.

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