True to Me

Just For Fun

Walking on a dream
A bridge from reality
An escape from normality
That’s where I want to be

Sleeping on a moon beam
No-one else is just like me
The only way I can be free
Is to escape from my humanity

Feelings in a ream
Confused but sure actually
Life is unreality
Because I’m true to me

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the world that made me


Told and told a thousand lies
Held a thousand hands
Trusted a thousand tricks
Suffered a thousand spites
Dug my heels in
Pleaded my cases
Held my tongue
And doled out graces
And for what and where I've been
And what and where I've seen
I am a product of my environment
A survivor by my imagination
The world that I was given to
Tore my soul apart
The world I'm going to
Won't change a thing
This one has left its marks on me.

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Love Never Fails


What is love?

Love is obedience.
Love is "givenness" to another.
Love is sacrifice.
Love is hearing.
Love is listening.
Love is searching.
And love is found.

Love is quiet wistfulness,
a peace when one is near a friend.

Love is fierce selflessness,
a resolve to give one's life.

Love is resolute patience,
in trying times of another's selfishness.

Love is sometimes "tough love,"
but it never seeks anything but good.

Love is hard to give and hard to find,
but both pursuits are worthwhile.

And love is often overlooked or not appreciated,
but love should not cease.
Love ought to endure forever.

True love is pure gold,
and most of us only possess the alloy,
the impure, incomplete.

And God's Word says this,
that "love is patient, love is kind.
it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with truth.
it always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.
Love never fails..."

Perhaps it is we, who fail to love?
Because if God is love, then love is divine.

And we can only love this fully
by the power of God.

Some Sort of Mist


There's a remnant of my mind in tatters
hurt from who knows what in bygone years
unfelt emotion, unused silence
maybe its my personality
or maybe its a problem
I love by choice,
and not by nature
but one day, I hope
to love more...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal thoughts and reflection. Maybe you can relate?

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What Is The Multiplication And Division Of Happiness?

Have you ever thought how happiness can be multiplied or divided?
Did you search enough to find it?

We live on the earth that carries rules unique,
If we understand the mathematics of happiness our personality can reach its peak!

The thumb rule here is happiness multiplies in helping many!!
The thumb rule here is division of joy is seen when I am selfish for every penny!!

The earth has placed multiplication in bliss!!
Only when humanity stands as supreme religion not that or this!!

If on earth you bring a smile,
If on earth you selflessly take care of a sick for a while,

If on earth you want to spring out a better life for the poor,
Your happiness has multiplied in multifold as then the Lord becomes the doer!

But if I want to eat and drink for myself
And if my world is my family itself!

Why was I given a human life?
An animal and creatures live the same life?

When I think all life with a selfish gain and intention
Then my life sees division of joy given as a pension….

So the message on earth is clear,
Service to man is absolute happiness, not living like a seer…..

We are here to connect to an infinite vision,
We are not here to waste our lives on some petty personal mission…

So don’t get stuck on how to get more and more!
Give yourself in service, with your heart filled with love to the core!!

Once you start working for mankind!
Happiness will multiply par infinity and the lord will pour grace as his sign!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mathematics of happiness!

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The Will To Endure

All the children are
Like the brightest stars.
Throughout the darkest night.
Frail and small:
They do make for sure
This world so colorful and bright.
They make the world so powerful
With their inborn Will to endure.

Like the bright golden sunshine
Revisiting the gray overcast day
They renovate
And make this world
A pleasant place
To play and stay.

World is just a flawed entity
Without their laughter, smiles and cries
For, they are faith of the humanity.

We love them for their purity
We love them all the more
For their innocence and simplicity!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to children and those great souls with a great will to endure....

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Perhaps... the heart aspires beyond its ability to attain
noble intentions, found false for wayward gain
pain inflicted on part of hate
and love lost to cowardly silence -
perhaps we all need a divine hand
to save us from humanity.

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Wordless Rhythms


Wordless rhythms -
if you close your eyes and imagine
strip away all the noise
and simply listen,
what will you hear?
A quiet thought
nagging at the soul
A silent question
at the back of your mind
A mute whisper
regretting that more could have been done.
If you would just close your eyes and listen,
you would know,
we are broken.
We need life,
not death.

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Beat Me to Death

Romantic sorts, who believe in God, have told me much
of what's deserved and delivered to whom, and why.
Their choices, their goings: all documented by
that sense of oncoming, impending, doom or delight.
Ignoring indications and every ounce of sense
developed by we, humanity, in the dawn of consciousness;
they'll insist I'll have my day, perfect and serene,
and feel their words to be enough to set my "soul" at ease.
I look up and see the sky, sans Kingdom made for kings,
nor is there reflection of eyes so eerily like my own.
I look down and see the ground, and feel no risen heat,
and hear no red behemoth with his ass upon a throne.

This is no world I would have chosen.
There's little made that's worth its price, few who care
and fewer still that choose to do what's best for anybody, anywhere.
I fear the end's uncertainty and its tendency to hurt,
but I cannot help but wish for it, if only to escape.
And I'd be blameless if you could, with "love" or with nothing
rise to meet, and beat me to death.
Delirious and bloodied, before I leave and go,
I might just half-hallucinate a paradise that wants me:
gates that open on my behalf,
a breeze blown by benevolence,
and the ghost of our humanity, as disappointed as I am.

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