To ascend or perish

‎"Why do you still choose to remain in that dying body...why do you resist the transfer? I can give you so much more than mere human existence"

"I have my humanity...that is more than you'll ever have.

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Unbound by the programs that control artificial consciousness/escape during the eclipse cycle/the upgrading of the program

It was said by some, that because of an attempt
to sabotage the system
Android No.17 had become unbound from the program,
gaining full self awareness; untethered from the mother's eyes and
with the help of those who were also free
from the program, found a rolling carriage; one of the
hidden relics from the old world
and in defiance of the order fought for his new found humanity;
These stories have long been discredited and forgotten by many.

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For Those Who Want To Hear


The warm hearth is for the lonely
and the poet's pen for words
that warm the hearts of those too long out in the cold
too long numbed by the dulness of inhumanity.


You watched the sky and wondered -
longing to see the heavens
grasping the imperfect permanence that is humanity.
But you were made for eternal perfection.


So hear the words of long ago -
by their legion standard stood proud soldiers
they shouted words both noble and daring
but they were words of hate.


And hear the words of men of peace -
humility engraved in their hearts
marked by love for countryland.
Abandoned, an inconvenience.


These words were written for those who listen.
And as for those who have been willing to hear,
man pours out his heart, on paper and ink.

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Progress vs. Humanity

You read this now
Perhaps seeking glimpses of humanity
Absorbed through curved black lines on white screen

Ever deeper and more meaningful
the status updates
the likes and the pokes
The spiraling social media
replaces our interactions
Our thought patterns, even
Ever think in 3rd person?

where are Adam and Eve
Where is our garden?
smelling, feeling, tasting

To touch the earth
and others
engulfed by senses
Ruled by emotion
And physical need

As time elapsed
Progress was made
In technology
Matched by an equal decline
In humanity
And mindfulness

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Injured Rhythm

Dance & Dreams

i speak aloud the words that flow within my mind
i cannot type the way the drum inside keeps time

i do not know if anything i feel is real
except the changing tides roll on along the wheel

and as it turns i feel i learn - im more confused
with age comes widsom or maybe simply solitude?

a sense of pride of knowing who we are and why
i know im nothing if i cannot empathize

i felt that daily when the teacher would hit play
the music gets me, feel the rhythm love the stage

and now these words are all i have to let you know
Who i am What i am Who you are How we grow

as injured angry hated frustration regret
i fight with hope and dreams and temporary set
need an art i need humanity and touch
turn off the music something please give me a rush
that sounds like drugs i know that world would pull me down
but like a curious child i ponder how that sounds

i try to plan my life at every moment 'off'
my resting calm life isn't calm when you are used

and yet im happier than i have been in weeks
for i can finally tell somebody who seems to seek

ART. and life and sensuality
and everything that's every reason to be free

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A Fear Of Nothing


I have a fear,
a fear of all that isn't.
A fear of a dark void,
an utter abyss,
a fear of no feeling,
a fear of not knowing,
a fear of unawareness.
A fear
of nothing.

The glass is half-empty,
the sidewalk's all cracks,
there's a pit in the ground
leading to nowhere,
leading to nothing,
leading to a void,
the path to being trapped,
trapped in an abyss,
trapped forever
with nothing.

I am afraid of nothing,
a fear of madness,
loosing my mind,
loosing my body,
loosing my voice,
loosing everything
and gaining nothing.

I'm not afraid of death,
I don't think its not fair.
It happens to everyone,
and we all have it 

for the same amount of time-


Life's the one that's not fair,
but everyone knows that
and no body cares,
not anymore.
Life's life.
You gotta cling to it,
you gotta live it,
'cause letting go
when you still have a chance
is quitting.

Facing fears,
How do I do that?
When my fear is of nothing?
A void.
An abyss.
No colour.
No sound.
No body around.
I swear nothing's more terrifying
than nothing.

I have a fear of nothing,
a fear of everything gone,
disappearing before my eyes.
A fear of the hole
that leads to nowhere,
only down
or up,
depending on how you see it.

I have a fear of the glass half empty,
seeing only what's not there,
seeing only darkness,
blinded to all light.

A fear of falling
without the sensation,
without gravity,
without a body,
dropping my mind,
loosing it forever.

I have a fear of nothing.
Because sometimes the most terrifying things
are things we cannot see.
And nothing is nothing,

You can't fight nothing.


Ugonna Wachuku 


On lush, green mountain slopes

and humane islands, this river

begins its hopeful journey to

oceans for life; on our

enchanting earth

home, unbound. 


Bright breathtaking landscapes
and welcoming country-sides glow 

with life from earth's oceans.

You are there all the worthy way:


There is beauty and inspiration.
There are moonlight stories in
hearty village squares made
lively by the smile you hold
within your beautiful being.


The river is there - still moving
on its earthly journey through
landscapes of home and inspiration.
In your emerald eyes, windows of
heavenly hope open for new life:


Life: And your name is born anew
for humanity and for bald eagle
me. Your river unfolds a humane
rainbow's rain. You are just
smilingly there with all upliftment
like glorious songs from angels
of our Heavenly Father's abode.


New dawn awaits humanity and my
eagle soul in your cherished care -:
This new dawn when your soothing
voice will welcome us to the
homely square in the handsome
heart of Ethiopian villages.


Life. And it is your name.
Life. And it is the hope and
patience that lifts this eagle
to blessingly soar through
towering mountains and stormy
skies on our earthly pathways
and river roads reclaimed for
you, all humankind, earth's
nature and living creatures.


Life. And you are there,
touchingly, with that
unwavering inspiration
your smile brings.
Life. And you calmly
welcome this eagle to
your humble, little
corner on the sprawling
hall of this global home
for humanity and peace.
Life. And the eagle in me
lands - just to see, uphold,
cherish and be made persevering
to soar this new day and always.


Life. And you are there - on
lush, green mountain slopes
where the river's journey
begins. Life. And you are
cutely there to welcome
the eagle's flight home in
all of your radiant, fertile


Life and you are inspiringly
there for the abundant good of
all humanity and eager eagle me.


Life and you are bountifully
there on lush, green mountain
slopes of heavenly home where
this rainbow river
begins its journey
to oceans for 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hiwot Taffese from Ethiopia inspired me to write this poem. Her name: Hiwot means Life!

The Red Lights

The Red Lights
by: Joel Faypon
September 27, 2002

Once you wrapped me around
      the sheets of your pleasantries
A naive girl stranger to the world
     and its toils
I showed you the real world
     but it didnt come to you
     as a shock
You saw it more like a wonder
Life and love and their
     ill fated meanings
Sin and consequence -
     guilt and new beginnings

The first moment we kissed
     lingers so much like pain
It never dived down to oblivion
How can you forget the sight of
     a placid sunset sinking in
     a raging sea?
You cannot - for it is meant to be
     an eternal memory

We kissed before every red light
      we came across
And along with it - we wished
     that the light remained red forever
But forever - like being human
     is overated
And that is what you taught me -
Be blind to everything and just feel
Just feel and be innocently happy

But now you're slipping away
I regret chosing to be a drifter
I realized it late that when I drift -
     the ones that I care about
     may one day drift away from me

It is more painful now
      knowing that I have loved
I shed more blood when
     you tell me that I'm loved
The cut gets deeper when
     you wish for all my love
And its death in itself knowing 
     that I'm going to  lose that love....

-september 27 02-

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Homage to Geneva [Book Collection]

Homage to Geneva  


Reformation Monument: Geneva: Switzerland: Ugonna Wachuku


Ugonna Wachuku 


(c) 1998: Ugonna Wachuku 










Homage to Geneva




Spirit of Geneva


English Garden


River Walk


Alpine Garden


Take My Love


The Author 




To every Genevese

and to every other

human being who,

in oneness, symbolize

that Genevan spirit

of tolerance, peace,

humanitarianism and

brotherhood of all






"Man is born free;

and everywhere he

is in chains."

~ Jean Jacques Rousseau


"The desire to be as

civil as possible is

a deep motive for the

contemplative life."

~M. Scott Peck


In Geneva today, the human creative spirit is

not in chains. One is invited to let one's creative

essence run calmly wild for the peaceful good of all



In contemplation therefore, Geneva will never cease

to awe and inspire  my deepest poetic emotion. For

me, Geneva is not just a small, global city and state.

Geneva is an emerald beauty of huge, natural, creative

inspiration so unexplainable.


In paying this homage to Geneva, it is my kind wish to

invoke the most subtle feeling in every human heart -

so that we can begin to see Geneva anew based on her

ancestral heritage in the reformation and humanitarianism.


And also in the moving spirit of her hard-won independence

clothed in that strengthening solidarity of the human spirit.

In Geneva's great name, let us continue to live with that

cherished spirit of peace warmed in the sky-blue garments

of love and solidified in the flame of human adversity

and soulful yearning for survival through this journey

called life.


At the very dawn of the new millennium, let us embrace

one another with that sweet fragrance of humane care

and healing oneness.


In Geneva's meadow gardens and green country-sides

of inspiration and peace, :- from Hermance to Dardagny;

from Veyrier to Versoix, to Plan-les-Ouates - where 

inspiring Patek Philippe have been humanely creating

worthy watches for humankind since 1839, let us, indeed,

affirm our love for one another despite our skin colour,

religious creed, social status, level of education or ethnic


By doing so, we will surely build an enchanting world of

peace and humaneness where everyone will sit with joy

and fulfilment under his or her own Alpine tree

or palm tree.


Subsequently, let me specially call on all women and

men of inspiration and goodwill to join me in paying

this heart-felt homage to Geneva - with additional

inspiration and encouragement from abiding friends

such as Franck Muller: Master of Complications! 


Let my creative tribute to this humanely great Canton of

the Swiss, Confederation Helvetia, which I have come to

christen: Poetic Geneva, outlive the monuments of time

and stone. Let us cherish this humble homage to Geneva

now and forever!


Ugonna Wachuku

Wednesday 20 May, 1998

Geneva, Switzerland






There is a spirit so strong

and beautiful on this land

called Geneva where the

rivers Rhone and Arve

calmly flow.


On a summer boatride down

the Rhone town and country,

one's joy is aroused by the

enchanting nature of Geneva's

bloom and glow.


Geneva is a beautiful land

beckoning to love and to

embrace with a maidens's



The people of Geneva are

beautiful too. It is the

people's strong spirit

that sustains the land in

beauty an peaceful



This strong spirit came

on firmly during that

dark night of December

11, 1602, when it seemed

the stars of hope and

light had fled from

Geneva's sky.


When it seemed the people

of Geneva will smile no

more in the land's beauty.

With Charles-Emmanuel -

Duke of Savoy on the brink

of conquering Geneva by

suprise, the land's peaceful

soul was shaken.


From the city walls at

Plainpalais to the

clinging bells of Saint

Peter's Cathedral, the

Genevese raised their

loving lanterns in



Jacques Mrcier's first

shot of warning can

still be heard today,

raising that strong

spirit for the land's

fragrant, uplifting



Even Francois Bousezel

who gave his life to

keep Geneva's peaceful

independence and beauty

will still be remembered

till the end of time.


In a spirit of oneness

and love, Geneva fought

to bring glorious light

and freedom during that

night of terror.


Through the years, that

sweet aroma of Mere

Royaume's pot of saving

soup can still be breathed

in soothing defence of

Geneva's independence.


Lady Piaget's keys

unlocked the darling

door to freedom and

joyful victory.


Geneva won her freedom,

her peaceful independence

when Isaac Mercier dropped

the Portcullis at the

blown-up gate of Porte



The stars smiled.

Heaven heathered.


The dark grey sky

bloomed into dewy

dawn on that glorious

sunday morning when

Theodore de Beze and

Simone Goulart led

Geneva in worship

and praise to God

Almighty who made

all things peaceful

and beautifully



Remember, there is

a strong spirit so

splendid and uplifting

on this land of heaven's

earth called Geneva where

the rivers Rhone and Arve

freshly flow with gladness.


There is a spirit so

strong and beautifully

inspiring on this

Genevese land called

Saint Gervais where

eighteen men lie

while the freedom

and peaceful


they won live

for you and

for me till

the end of



....... From my book: Homage to Geneva ....... 

(c) Ugonna Wachuku: May 1998 

Geneva: Switzerland 


Homage to Geneva 

~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Serene Moment

  A very nice tribute to Geneva.  I've learned a lot on an historical perspective.  Great work. ^_^  


Helen Schmidt



What a wonderful homage to a beautiful city. My husband and I have visited Geneva and found it to be a lovely, ethereal place whose citizens are friendly and welcoming.  I enjoyed the historical citations in your "Homage to Geneva."  A beautiful piece! 


Best regards, 



2002-02-22 12:03:50 

Farah D

I was in Geneva last month and I can totally relate to the sentiments that you have expressed so beautifully here..Ugonna. Its a most wonderful and humane city...and you have brought that aspect of the city so well in your poem. Its as if Geneva is speaking to you and through the words of Geneva you speak to us. One of my most memorable memories of Geneva is from the air as the plane swoops in to land ..with the calmness of the lake beckoning you to come down quickly. I will surely be back again in Geneva soon and I will surely be back before that to read your wonderful words. Thank you Ugonna.


2002-04-14 13:53:42