heart break


I cried writing this and it might not mean anything to anybody else but
to me I felt this all the way
I don't know what to cal it, so I just leave it as is....

Here is my heart I won't miss it
I give it to you, oh baby it's alright
I just want to borrow your kisses
to fulfill my dream with you tonight
It's you n me baby
who wrote this story
how we came to be
me finding you and
you finding me
the stars can't be that far
they are not out of reach
when you wish upon one
in your heart is your dream
you was indeed
my sweetest poetry
please don't forget me Baby.
Here is my heart I won't miss it
I give it to you, oh baby it's alright
I just want to borrow your kisses
to fulfill my dream with you tonight
I could go on and on and write
There is so much on my mind
but still I find it hard
what I want to say..
No what I mean is what I need to say
because it's forever in a day
that my heart can't take
being without you. I love you
Here is my heart I won't miss it
I give it to you, oh baby it's alright
I just want to borrow your kisses
to fulfill my dream with you tonight

Jason Schnepper

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Plans of salvage

This matter sensitive.

 At a moments thought,

 it is a brain full.

 Im trying to bring it up

without breaking root.

So i'm contemplating in sylabals,

careful as a new mother.

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A new love, a new start

A new dream, with new hearts.

New words, new emotions

New fears, ever growing.

A new life, with new obsessions

New rules, and new catches. 

New loss, new devotion

With no pretenses, no commotion.

A new calm, before the storming

He is the llight, before the mourning. 

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Penn Station

The last one way ticket-
Pulls in.
Force a smile for the-
casual close and capture.
You release your embrace.
Our sweat-filled pores slip away.
Here comes the downfall-
There goes my farewell.


So many actions.
I miss them.
I miss the words-
The words you dare not say.
I miss the love-
The love you never gave away.
This is my goodbye.
This is my emptiness.


The doors slide open-
We both start anew.
Your future-
My demise.
Your path-
As bright as you.
Beautiful lilacs and blues.
You flew-
Raise my glass.
Here's to the girl of yours dreams.


Stone by stone.
My castle-
Crumbles to the ground.
I stayed.
As you-
Floated in the waves.


Your smile-
Whites of cotton-
Bleaching in the sun.
Your smell-
Sweet peaches-
Juice with an orange hue.
Your voice-
Soliloquies of a Shakespearean taste.
Washed away.


Your love-
Closes with the sliding doors.
As my heart, you.
to find yourself.
I'll be here.
Waiting for you to find-

Warm December

How nice of you,
To think of me.
Thoughts hammered with-
Hopes and fantasies.
Suddenly, I'm in a place-
I never asked for.
Yet you beg me to play along-
Told you to hold-
Your breath.


Don't you think that this will be the night-
You'd remember?
I'd hold you close-
Cold nights in December.
Bring you Summer days-
Springs tease.
I'll be  the one you-
Wont forget.
Stain your dreams.
Cold Sweats.

One Good Thing

One good thing-
With New York.
It's far away from here.

Bring it back once again....
Cradled in the street lights.
Next to me are you-
Your silky brown hair.
Eyes of crystalline.
Those of Zeus.
Make myself a fool-
Sleeping on your arm.
Swooning for your-
Useless charm.

There's one bad thing-
With New York.
I'd rather be with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is extremely close to my heart. It may be a short piece....but it means the world to me.

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The Reasons

The blinding-

blaring headlights in the window- that was the reason
The reason why I broke away from your embrace
Why I smeared the lipstick stains from my face-
Slammed my finger to your lips-
Wishing you didn't exist.
The reason why I whispered and pleaded for your silence.
For this scene soon turn violent-
As she parks the car.

The way she gathers my sons-
Hand to hand, stroking their blushing cheeks; light kisses upon their foreheads-

reassurance of unity-
That was the reason.
The reason why I pushed you to the floor-
Regretting our conversations -
You weren't worth the humiliation as you continue to grab for my attention.

The age progressing photos
Of my children shattered on the dwellings.

The eyes of my offspring-

their hands, ears, lungs, hearts and the oxygen they breathe- these are the reasons.
The reason why I warned you to leave before my commitment entered our abode. 
You start to resist as I ball up my fist-
Tension and silence result into violence.
I strike you once.
Erasing all of the broken promises- discrete gestures.
Subtle smiles.
Faint touches.
Reluctant stares.
Your screams-
Only make me angry.
"I told you to shut up."
As I grasp your neck.

Her smile as she caresses the gentle heads of my children.
The way she grabbed my hand while saying her vows.

That stare she gives when waking up by my side. That twinkle.
That twinkle is the reason.
The reason why I didn't stop when you gasped for air. 
The realization that she might leave-
Tighten my grip.
The footsteps of my children- light but pounding-
Mirror my heart beat.
Their little voices screaming my name- 
The reason why-
The reason why you'll never be found.
A mistress that I've had my all.
Just a memory.
Never to be thought of again.
As I enjoy my reasons-
The reasons why you no longer exist. 

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Domestic Disease

I look in the mirror and see

A stranger looking back at me

Two swollen, sunken, bleary eyes

Two voids, a soul, mired by lies

The cause of this it would seem

A man, a love, a hopeless dream

He walked away from this supreme

And took away my self esteem 

Suffered for a love so fleeting

Wore the shame of every beating

Voice of reason clear as mud 

Tears eventually replaced with blood

How can you teach blind love to see

For I know him and I are not meant to be

I stand here taunted, belittled, broken

And yet not another word was spoken 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the after thoughts of a volatile relationship

Killing Me Softly

-Incomplete Sample Purposes Only-

I feel like the ending of Scarface; in a cocaine rage, exhaling propane and writhing in pain, forced to confess a second rising is in vain as my destiny manifests. As I fall into that final rest, there is the sense of a soothing a caress, yes; my Helens of Troy… I tried to destroy our love but the Purge’s backlash put me in the last months of Johnny Cash; trapped in a ring of fire with ghost riders circling in the sky. They say as you die your life will flash by, so look deeply in my eye.

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