Penn Station

The last one way ticket-
Pulls in.
Force a smile for the-
casual close and capture.
You release your embrace.
Our sweat-filled pores slip away.
Here comes the downfall-
There goes my farewell.


So many actions.
I miss them.
I miss the words-
The words you dare not say.
I miss the love-
The love you never gave away.
This is my goodbye.
This is my emptiness.


The doors slide open-
We both start anew.
Your future-
My demise.
Your path-
As bright as you.
Beautiful lilacs and blues.
You flew-
Raise my glass.
Here's to the girl of yours dreams.


Stone by stone.
My castle-
Crumbles to the ground.
I stayed.
As you-
Floated in the waves.


Your smile-
Whites of cotton-
Bleaching in the sun.
Your smell-
Sweet peaches-
Juice with an orange hue.
Your voice-
Soliloquies of a Shakespearean taste.
Washed away.


Your love-
Closes with the sliding doors.
As my heart, you.
to find yourself.
I'll be here.
Waiting for you to find-