Today's the day I died inside
Love hurts like hell, so I'll just hide!
If it cant find me, will I be burnt
I can't stand my heart being hurt.
All I ask. Is for, love that's real
Someone who feels, as I feel
Someone who won't cheat or lie
Someone who cares, if I live or die
Not someone, who plays stupid games
Not someone, who is; so vain
Now it seems I've lost all hope
I'm set adrift, in a leaking boat
The one I love, doesn't care
She keeps vanishing, in thin air
Left alone, with only my thoughts
She took all the rest of what I've got
Except the pain, of being used
Let's not forget, being abused
So today murder has happened here
She killed my heart, without guilt or fear.
Let my epitate read, I won't be missed
Let it also say... "Love don't exist".
Take heed my friends, I speak no lie
Inside my chest, my heart has died!!!


Paul (Chrywizard) Posney©10/23/16

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