The power of the mind is no joke.
The thoughts I think,
Become my cloak.

My mind consumes me...
I feel so lost.
I'm fighting, truly.
Normal life is the cost.

The regret I feel,
I can't explain...
My layers, I peel.
I can't hide the pain.

The things I wished for,
I take them back.
Knees to floor
Guidance, I lack.

My heart is sunk deep,
"Oh, how much I want him!"
But his feelings for me seem to sleep...

He won't pay me attention,
What do I do?
With myself, I feel tension.
To myself,
I just need to stay true.

I prayed to God.
I begged his power,
"Please Lord, it's my heart he awed.
Let this boy take me, even if he devours...
I don't care how he treats me!
My resistance, he scours.

Please allow him to tear me apart.
I'm willing to deal, if this shall be a mistake.
All I'm asking is our love to turn into art...
But I am fine, even it shall end in heart break!

God please,
Let him show me something new.
I swear, this will put me at ease.
Put this first, all the other prayers in queue."

To Him, I spoke.
I patiently waited.
My chances awoke,
The perfect picture God painted.

I asked and he delivered,
My God, he is so good!
All my worries slivered,
As I knew they would.

The boy, he's finally admiring me!
To see me, he keeps begging.
"Tonight at 8, baby?"
Those words, they just keep ringing.

The time we spent was magical...
Passion in our eyes, I bloomed.
His hands, his touch, so radical.
Lust in me illumed.
The way he held me made me fanatical.
We exchanged sweet kisses, while I crooned.

This one night,
Keeps me awake.
Real love, it might...
As the warmth inside me bakes...
Then, my heart flutters with fright.

But now things turned for the worse,
He doesn't even respond!
I thought this was a blessing,
But he's clearly become my curse.
I was for sure, we made our bond.
My eyes start to burst.
"What did I do wrong?"

I prayed and sang and fought,
"Give me my one true desire!"
God, to you, I sought.
Now, this ended up in fire.

Now I beg.
"Please God,
For I know not what I've done
You did your part to please me,
But can the tape of my life be respun?

I know I said I could do this...
But I found I really can't.
Please, don't be ruthless.
This one last wish, will you grant?

Lord, give me strength,
While I try to come back to life,
Because time has real length,
And I know, with myself, I will have strife.

I should've listened to you,
For you knew my fate.
But my curiosity just grew,
Now, I'll be sure keep it inside the crate.

Father you know best.
Bring me back to peace,
As I will try to rest.
The pain will soon cease.


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