I press closer until I could follow your ghost through the walls,

lie like my skin is always tingling on fire.


And here you curse like a sailor in strings of sanity, insanity

that mean everything to me.


One, two, seven,

see, I get distracted, lost on your lips and so I will always wander back,

straight lines are overrated when I can’t sit still.


Your skin doesn’t leave my side no matter what words leave my mouth-

when I can’t stop smiling and still hold your eyes,

when every muddy promise leaves me silent, a liar, missing you again,

when the twister that is her sits bitter on my tongue.


Tell me a story,

I start one with an ending

but dipped in distraction every other word is your name,

I never get to the end and maybe that’s a good thing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/21/17

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The Happiness of Today


                To my sisters, to my brothers, I would like to say



                         Be humbler everyday, while new days come every time
                         Or be gentle with the men, with the women, every kind
                 Not to say that being good doesn’t bring a reward
                   To the ones that achieve, a golden treasure is relief



                          Be really a better person, and thus the wickedness’ thief
          The hug on a grief, and the smiles’ own teeth
          Happiness is an option, but so is to live — and
                Of course there are questions, hence we are here
         Today you can ask, tomorrow you may leave



 Today you can act. Tomorrow we’ll see.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be or not to be the happiness of today?

Writers Block

I got eternal writers block

When I found true happiness


When I found you. 

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You make me want to say the same lyrics over and over

and I will never be tired,

every time I hear them there’s a different beat,

different chords,

something I want to fall into.


I will hang on your hurricane hands,

left handed like me,

I will hang on how I would change but I don’t need to,

holding this normal like it’s priceless,

hovering here when I can’t read you and

hoping I can stay.


You make me want to want things I’ve hated

like careless I love yous on nights that don’t need them

and boring T-shirts you’ve always chosen for comfort

and close still meaning too far apart

and the word possibility.


You make me want to sneak out just to fit together metronome hearts,

puzzle pieces that flash in sync like port lights when our eyes are so far from sand-

I’m not for everyone

but somehow slipping along these mudslides

your fingers have not found my razor edges yet.


I will hang on your loose ends,

comfortable endings,

crumbling walls,

crying over something or nothing,

charm and chaos,

chatter too late to make out what you mean.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/7/17

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this poem cannot be about you


when you left at two a.m.

i didn’t want to go to sleep

so now i am sitting here

with a roomful of regrets

wishing i could have followed you down that hallway,

nothing would waste my time so well

as climbing into bed with you.


i follow you so close behind

when you bring these things out of me i’ve never said before

and i’m caring now about how i define

my kind of paradise.


i want to touch you till we’re burning

i want to touch you and still stay as innocent as you used to think i was.


you know how i drink the sky when it’s made of gray

like i will never be thirsty again.

you know how the darkness tastes,

you know how beautiful a hand to hold looks in that darkness

when i run away from everything else.


wrap our fingers

like they’re fighting or embracing, tell me

we do not even need contact and still

we power the whole city.


but this poem cannot be about you,

there is so much already trying to end us,

an army racing over the hill-

intertwine your legs with mine, tell me

our own hands will not join that army.


maybe next time

i will follow you down that hallway after midnight.

i doubt it.


everyone is born with an angel in our rearview

and a bitter taste in our mouths.

everyone is born with a line to say,

we are two parts heavy and one part here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/26/17

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You are amazing

The fact that you tear people down to build yourself up tells you had no actual foundation


The notions of individuals enforced with brutality and absence of emotion by a supposedly advanced nation


For all those who are belittled, besmirched and made to feel less than second best


You are good enough


Those who are never given a chance and forced to associate themselves with systematically force-fed hate


Whether physically or mentally


You are bloody great


No matter what they say and the mentalities they try to enforce on your being


You are you, You are Alive, and You are capable of amazing things

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something simpler but hopefully just as effective

Feedback.......Yes please :D

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Light Switch (day 184)

My marveling spent on your outline,

frames that don’t hold any pasts,

maybe no future.


But this blood is not something I can stop from burning.


I pull out my eyelashes from floor to ceiling,

wishing when I can’t dream,

smiling when I can’t see,

staying when I can’t leave.


With the flick of a finger,

the blink of an eye,

you’re a dark room I can’t figure out without stumbling.


But this heart is not something I can turn on and off.


Please don’t leave me in this galaxy

when you go stargazing,

and when the dawn breaks

please leave the light on when you go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/27/17

Light switch

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The sun shines bright,
The wind is strong and cold,
Yet the warmth overpowers,
And fills the soul with memories old.


A reminder to smell the roses,
Engage with the passerby of life,
And take your time to enjoy,
Without any worry or strife.


Let the lights flicker on,
And perhaps off again,
Concern should be lifted,
Worries shall be slain.


For once in our lives,
Let us live in peace in harmony,
Enjoying the world,
In a place without melancholy.


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Hide Away

Verse 1:
Thoguh, I try to hide away

You always find the places

That I'm alone at.

Now, you've gone back

Because you've found your happiness.


Your happiness is with me.

Your eyes tell me so.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a chance on me.

'Cause there won't be a next time.


Verse 2:
Every now and then,

I think of us.

If you and me,

If there's a possibliity of

Becoming one with you,

I'll start from here.


'Cause I'm falling for you.

I've fallen quite hard.

Oh, will you let me in?

Where will this love take us?

'Cause I love you.


Over and over again,

You confess your love to me.

Speechless, I hide away

Into your arms,

Onto the wings of love. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

song written about my first meeting with my now boyfriend. Written November 18, 2016.

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