*Always And Forever*



 Dedicated to Derrick Mann

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


When you came into my life that day

I was curious to know

I had to leave but wanted to really stay

I wonder what God wanted to show


Maybe he wanted me to give love another try

Not to be afraid of a broken heart

Maybe this time will be a happy cry

Knowing nothing will tare me apart


To hold someone special again

To share the tears

Knowing I found a trusting friend

Behind leaving the fears


Hopeing we spend the future together

Whatever it may bring

Always promise our friendship is forever

If we fight lets not make it a big thing

And always protect eachother

And hopefully one day I'll wear your ring



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to a special man in my life that ive loved for a very long time.....Derrick Mann

*I Need You (2)*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I need You 

Like the grass needs the rain

You're the only person that makes me smile

When I'm in pain

One day I hope to walk down the isle


I need you 

Like the trees need the suns heat

You're the only person I want in my heart

I'm so glad God let us finally meet

I knew I loved you from the very start


I need you 

Like we need air

To breathe our every breath to live

For only you I'll always care

My ever lasting love to you I'll forever give


I need you 

Like our eyes need our tears

I promise to try to protect you from harm

And I'll do my hardest to fight your fears 

I'll always make you smile wih my charm


I need you 

Like the stars need the sky

I want to be with you forever

For only you my love I'd die

Promise we'll always be together 


I need you 

Like a child needs her mother 

To always love and protect

For a very long time I pray we only love eachother

You, my everything I could never neglect


I need you

Like we need the world to survive

You are mine for keeps for good

You make my mind body and soul stay alive

Next to you sweety I have always stood


I need you 

Like you need me 

To you I'll always be true

And never again set you free


You mean the world to me 

You are my everything

In my heart with you I'll always forever be

To your happiness and love I'll always forever bring




The Necromancer Who Cared

There was darkness around me.

It felt like a bad dream.

Fear, anger, pain, and sorrow.

These are feelings that consumed me.

I fear I would lose myself.

I was by myself while the moon beams its silver light onto my body.

A hand reached out for me.

I jerked back, knowing the hand belonged to a necromancer.

He was a misunderstood man and he is very brave.

I was scared of him even if my pain is much worse.

The necromancer told me that I should not be alarmed.

He won't harm me and he promised to guide me to peace.

He knew that I am in pain so I ask myself, "Did someone send him?"

There is compassion in this necromancer, I can feel it.

I could not revel in my misery so I took his hand.

He helped me up and once I stood, my arms were around him.

He jerked back a little, but reassured me that everything will be fine.

We went to his barn and sat me down on a rock.

He did too and all we did was talk.

He wouldn't open my eyes if he didn't care about me.

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All he ever wanted.

All he ever wanted...



Love is all I require.

All I could want and desire.

Lust is not enough,

I need his tender kiss and touch; and


for love is a healing station.

It is an eighty-mile-per-hour wind.

I smile. He grinned.



Warm in those arms:

I touch my fingers to his palms.

We continue like this, I don't want to miss.

Or should I throw it all away, and start again?

The heart-break tells me no.

I don't want to. Go! I have to stay.

Stay the night he insists. Luring me in with his cute charm and a kiss,.

But it hurts that this is superficial. I pray for it to just 

be: real and official.



Every mili-second, of every hour we share

Love is looming in the air.

Or is it dooming? The bond we have, forever blooming.

Scented candles and bubble baths.

Drinking Prosecco out of a very nice glass.

We go to the theatre. Front row seats.

Out in the city, for a bite to eat...



He's everything he wants. 

                                        But nothing that he has.



   By Shaun Warmington

a poem from the heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Feeling Happy

Feeling happy because they appreciate,

What I do and create,

Each ‘wow’ that they bless me with,

Is like a memento, a wreath.


Even though I speak a little,

The rain of gratitude does fall,

From my heart’s core,

As I keep on dreaming more.


I thank you,

I thank you.

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The key to happiness

I would introduce myself but it doesn't matter who I am.

I am insignificant, like you. 


No one will remember my name or what I have done,

Or rather what I haven't done.

But to dwell on this thought would be like giving in,

Letting your insignificance stop you from living.


Do not focus on being who people want you to be,

Do not let success be your only option,

Do not fear disappointment or failure,

Simply live.


Never regret anything that makes you smile,

Never forget those irresponsible times that made you who you are today,

Don't let yourself be the picture everyone else has painted you to be,

Be you,

Be true,

Fuck the system. 

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Hey there child

Wake up child, it’s time for school

Time to conform and learn the rules


This is your future, cause the choice is already made

About the laws and the people to hold your cage


No time for questions, no time for change

You gotta get with the program or you're gonna be estrange


So forget about the future and follow the past

It’s time to be part of the sheeps which we have amassed


Hey there child, why do you dance in the rain

Why do you gaze at the clouds, maybe your insane


Hey there child, why do you feel no pain

Why do you continue to dream, oh you’re so strange


Wake up boy, there is no time for rest

You gotta find a job and a home to build your nest


You gotta find your lover and then break her heart

You’ve gotta crush all her dreams by tearing her apart


You got to lose your voice, and accept your fate

Let go of all that joy and drown in your hate


You are gonna have some children and then teach them the same

Keep holding them down until it’s you who they distain


Hey there child, why do you dance in the rain

Why do you gaze at the clouds, oh maybe your insane


Hey there child, why do you feel no pain

Why do you continue to dream, oh you’re so strange


Hey there man, so broken and undone

You done what we asked for and now you’re no longer our concern


Wrapped in our strings, oh how we made you dance

Made you believe that you could win this game of chance


Lying in your death bed, alone and scared

Filled with regret and wishing that you dared


But now it’s too late, so close your eyes

And lose all hope and accept your demise


Hey there child, how do you dance in the rain

Show me how to gaze at the clouds, help me be insane 

Hey there child, I want to feel no pain

I wanna learn how to dream, how to be so strange 

Hey there child, please save my soul

Please take my hand, and pull me from this hole


Hey there child, show me how to fly away

Show me how to believe, how to find my own way









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You are near...

A gentle beam of the sun
Touches locks of your beautiful hair,
And the sudden breeze of the fresh salty air
Brings the thoughts of indescribable joy and quietness...
And it seems, that the time now has lost its usual run,
And the day has strengthened its brightness.


The sweet song of a nightingale
Flows into the peaceful and warm atmosphere,
I feel your gentle touch and we see how there
In the blue sunny sky spindrift clouds appear...
I raise the anchor in order to sail
For I know you are near...




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Give Me Love

Give me a chance

    and take my word.

               Give me time

                   and take my pain.

                        Give me your promise

                                 and take my hand.

                                        Give me a future

                                             and take my past.

                                                        Give me love

                                                             and take my heart.


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