You are amazing

The fact that you tear people down to build yourself up tells you had no actual foundation


The notions of individuals enforced with brutality and absence of emotion by a supposedly advanced nation


For all those who are belittled, besmirched and made to feel less than second best


You are good enough


Those who are never given a chance and forced to associate themselves with systematically force-fed hate


Whether physically or mentally


You are bloody great


No matter what they say and the mentalities they try to enforce on your being


You are you, You are Alive, and You are capable of amazing things

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something simpler but hopefully just as effective

Feedback.......Yes please :D

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To Listen And Learn

and apply what is learned. We are so emersed in our lives and our failures it is hard to think success. Difficult to get up and do something to advance our income. We breed laziness and then wonder why people are sad or corrupt or uningaged. I just wonder sometimes - slc