You make me want to say the same lyrics over and over

and I will never be tired,

every time I hear them there’s a different beat,

different chords,

something I want to fall into.


I will hang on your hurricane hands,

left handed like me,

I will hang on how I would change but I don’t need to,

holding this normal like it’s priceless,

hovering here when I can’t read you and

hoping I can stay.


You make me want to want things I’ve hated

like careless I love yous on nights that don’t need them

and boring T-shirts you’ve always chosen for comfort

and close still meaning too far apart

and the word possibility.


You make me want to sneak out just to fit together metronome hearts,

puzzle pieces that flash in sync like port lights when our eyes are so far from sand-

I’m not for everyone

but somehow slipping along these mudslides

your fingers have not found my razor edges yet.


I will hang on your loose ends,

comfortable endings,

crumbling walls,

crying over something or nothing,

charm and chaos,

chatter too late to make out what you mean.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/7/17

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