I press closer until I could follow your ghost through the walls,

lie like my skin is always tingling on fire.


And here you curse like a sailor in strings of sanity, insanity

that mean everything to me.


One, two, seven,

see, I get distracted, lost on your lips and so I will always wander back,

straight lines are overrated when I can’t sit still.


Your skin doesn’t leave my side no matter what words leave my mouth-

when I can’t stop smiling and still hold your eyes,

when every muddy promise leaves me silent, a liar, missing you again,

when the twister that is her sits bitter on my tongue.


Tell me a story,

I start one with an ending

but dipped in distraction every other word is your name,

I never get to the end and maybe that’s a good thing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/21/17

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