Floating through the air,
Travelers that travel the world,
They see more than I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in 8th grade

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Summer's Wane

Those cool September nights
chilling us so.
Though we dressed in remembrance

of August

with her warm, welcoming ways
waving us in for a safe landing
upon a soft shore.

The chilly, early fall evenings
cool upon our skin,
but within we’re dripping sweat
in my backseat,

We hit some turbulence in these dimming skies,
highlighting our wanting eyes,
with all the typical tints
of yellow and pink,
purple and orange,
so awesome and grand
hanging over this
cold land.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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No comment

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An American Autumn

The sunbeams shine around and partly through the translucent leaves
The leaves are tinted orange like a beautiful aura waiting to be discovered
The branches of unique trees spread towards each other in an abstract arch
The amber leaves reflect the dew over the quietly emerging fractal limbs making for heavenly beams of light shooting through the crevices of the canopy
In relaxed nature the true beauty is delivered
The sunset connects to the suburbanised prairielands along with the adjacent maple leaves
The details are everywhere and on every tree, plant, object, sidewalk, road, plain
Its simplicity, yet so complex
Like a snapshot, I can only look back
For this day, this second is on another world half a decade in the past
My old life has left...
And yet ...
I’m still here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did this in year 7. (:

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~Autumn Blessings~
(Blessed Heart)

Feel chill in the******Air everywhere
Fall is wonderful***** and you can have fun
Cause in so many ways is different from
The other three seasons and theres just none
Like fall you can see the trees changing
Colours as they show beautiful hues
Sometimes you can smell cinnamon
Which lingers on the air with
Pumpkin pie in the mix
Children have fun
Play with leaves
That covers

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000




"Blessed Heart" is a poetry style created by
Dorian Petersen Potter,on September 17,2010.

It consists of 13 lines in total.
Line 1: 4 syllables/6 spaces/4 syllable.
Line 2: 5 syllables/5 spaces/5 syllables.
Then from lines 3 to 11 is:
11/10/9/9/8/7/6/4/3/2/1 syllables
Rhyming is optional
Any subject
This form has to be center alligned to
show the heart shape.


Author notes: sorry, but I still don't know yet how to center-alligned my pages.I have to make the
time and find out how to do this here with this new server in the site that we have now :) Site was
moved and still I'm working on getting used to the way things are now, which were all changed.

Jumping in Leaf Piles


Tan leaves,
Brown and crispy
Crunching under your feet.
Jumping into the brown leaf piles,
It’s fun.

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Names of Fall

My thoughts

All together,
Goes well.
Fall is Autumn.
In October and November.

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Seas of Golden Leaves

The world has filled with seas
composed of golden leaves,
dotting every strident lane
and valleys leading far away.

The air is growing teeth
that gnaw upon the breeze,
but the sun is always strong enough
to chip the ice off of our gloves.

And when we started walking,
it was then that you had caught me;
lost in thought and shaking down
to the beast beneath our once small town.

But it's only just the seasons,
says the doctors we believe in.
We're sure to trust them even if
their vacant stares remain transfixed.

And so the fall descends upon
the poor house and the pantheon,
enveloping them all in grays
with tattered streaks of charcoal base.

I'll make my progress 'til the cold
can force me to contain and hold
my arms across my heavy chest,
scratching throat with every breath.

Then I'll still and liquify,
or rather I shall multiply
my inner self and inner wealth
and lack of truest sense of self.

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The Power Shift

The Power Shift

As the tingling sensation takes over my body and mind
I drop to my knees and begin to feel the ground as if there was something to find
I can't help but look towards the sky realizing my own demise
Shaking uncontrollably as my mind falls apart and what was me slowly dies
Now my mind has been undone, I have lost all control
Lost control of all of my mind, body, and soul
As my old self continues to suffocate, I now arise
Seizing control with a new foundation, new goals, and that insane look within my eyes
Power has shifted as my old self fades, fades away as I laugh close by
Wondering what I should do with all of my power now that I am free to take what is mine
It does not matter, I am finally free to do as I please, finally free
Now it is time to proceed…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

eat it

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I Will Catch You If You Fall

I will catch you if you fall
I look at you and see love
I feel your warm embrace
It makes me warm with desire
I feel your touch
It makes me tingle
I want you so much
I cannot stand it much longer
For your love I would do anything
I will catch you if you fall
The clouds are drifting
Way up high
Your in them, I can see
I am coming for you
I will catch you if you fall
My arms will be waiting
Only for you
My lips will kiss you
Set you on fire
I will catch you if you fall.

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