Beautiful flowers

My Mother's Solar System

Layer Poetry

                                                                 Around her neck

                                                      hang Oriental Cherry glasses.

     They magnify Daisies, Peonies… Lilies

                                  in her heaven – sky-lined by Mountains,

                                                   Dwarf Mugo, Swedish Aspen & Pine.


                                                               Her smile warms to Delphiniums

                                            in a Sunflower’s afternoon.

                       A Bleeding Heart of Old Gold.

              She knows – her flowers like children

  bloom with love.


                                                 Her Dogwood hands are sturdy

                        like Oregon Grape.

                 The soil planted –

            she makes a home – for Vine Maples, Daffodils,

            Astilbe, Creeping Phlox and Cannulas.


            In wizened words, she roots

  the Russian Sage and Red Grass.

               Yet, she is the Star-Gazer Lily

                                                       growing in the hidden valley

                                          of the Ponderosa Pines.



Painted in the Canvas

Just a thought!
Streaming through a sun swept field, Tethered ballerinas dancing in the wind
Waves of iridescent colors blow across a sea of refracted cotton candy.
Never a sweeter breeze, I could wisp it round a cone and taste it's allure.

As a choreographed ballet sways with balance and perfection, sunlight glistens

through silken shawls while a few lace ribbons float around with the wind.

Natures creations in full bloom, petals fluttering up a wind song as the breeze

whistles through bouquets of timeless beauty. Kneeling at the edge rows,

the wind rustles through my long silky hair; I become part of the symphony.

Immersed in this wondrous creation... I am forever, painted in the canvas.


by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

#1Beauty in a field of flowers

 #2"You're always a part of the picture, sometimes needing a bigger one as you look back."