After a Dream


It was the last day of autumn. The first snowflakes started to fall. Winter was just around the corner. It was about to start. One little bear was really happy playing outside when his mommy came and said “It’s time to go to bed honey”. The little bear didn’t want to sleep for so long, he still wanted to play. He wasn’t ready to go to sleep. “Why do we have to sleep for three months? Why do we have to sleep for so long?” His mother, in order to make her little bear going to bed decided to answer her son’s questions with a story. “Let me explain” she said. “In the beginning there was nothing alive but plants. They were the only living things in the world. The Earth was full of lakes, rivers, seas, rocks, mountains, deserts but none of them were alive. Only plants were alive. There were all kind of plants, flowers and trees but all of them felt really sad. Their sorrow was because they couldn’t share the oxygen and the fruits they produced. The trees had a fantastic idea. It was creating other living things that needed their oxygen to breath and their fruits to eat so they were able to share them. They created a lot of living things so they needed to establish some rules. In order to keep a balance and to prevent their fruits from finishing, they sent us to sleep on winter.” The little bear understood and without complaining he went to sleep. He was kind of tired after all. He fell asleep immediately. Three months passed and it was time to go outside of the cave. He had a nice dream but it was time to go back to reality. The little bear couldn’t wait one more second to go and play outside. Also he was pretty hungry. He wanted to eat his favorite berries. His mother hasn’t woken up yet and he wanted to let her sleep so he went out by himself only to discover a big surprise. What he saw was astonishing. It was a horrible picture. Everything was devastated. There was nothing but a dying burned tree on a destroyed land. The little bear went with the tree to ask him what happened. With his last breath, the tree told the little bear “We should have sent them to sleep instead of you”







José Antonio Rebolledo

Lizbeth Rodríguez





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