You desecrate

our alters and our shrines


You tarnish 

the reputations of our gods


This disrespect willl not



We shall sack your pathetic



and I shall watch Rome burn as I laugh

from your hilltops


Too long have you lived in such blissful



Never have you tasted the true desperation

of defeat


All You do is pillage and plunder and make slaves

of us all.



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Being reborn again.


Cure my sickness...


Bring me back my psychics,

Abilities of old.

If I might forget,

Let me remember once more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A prayer to the Gods.

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One-winged Demon of the Red Sea,

Enemy of Moses, not of me.

Once he sat in the first heaven,

Named Amelouth.


Abezethibou turned the pharaoh

Against Egypt; Exodus!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

Creation of the World

Written by: Alejandra Jimenez & Andrés Sánchez



Creation of the world


At first, everything was silence. The universe was at peace, and nothing existed but a solitary god, in the form of a wolf. This wolf, the white wolf was on a long slumber, but eventually he woke up. After his awakening he decided that he should create the world. To do this he first created three gods, one for each element of the universe. God of earth, the black rabbit, god of water, a giant water turtle and god of the wind, the ethereal falcon. They lived peacefully before their long work for creating the world. The white wolf demanded the three childish gods his view for the new world. It must be colorful he said, full of life he demanded, it must be big, and there must always be light.


The gods got to work with the white wolf’s request for his vision of the perfect world, but there were some problems. The gods unfortunately were childish and had no self control. They didn’t complete the task that the white wolf set them to. They created the world, but in midst of chaos and disaster. Gods were always fighting, thinking who was the most important of them all, creating most of our landscapes and phenomenons. The god of water created the rivers, oceans, and lakes.During a fight the god of wind got mad at the god of water, therefore, he throwed all his anger by creating storms, taking out the peacefulness of still water. The god of earth created the land, while in another fight with god of wind about who gets the more space, he created the mountains, trying to build up even more, overshadowing god of wind.


There were also other factors that contributed, the gods had very particular personalities. The god of water didn’t like fighting that much, so he decided he shall leave so he could be in peace somewhere else, his presence kept flowing all oceans, rivers, and lakes. But by leaving a part of the Earth turned into ice, and that’s how it was created. God of wind had very changing personalities, depending on the day, so he created the seasons, when he was angry and didn’t feel anything he created winter, cold as his personality.


All their actions destroyed the peace that the wolf, the god of gods had been living in, and he was tired of hearing the same problems and issues all over again, just from them three. After this, he decided more people was needed for distraction, so he created human beings, giving them things to exist and develop. Watching their arguments and events they were going through was more entertaining for the god of gods. Creating new ones every time others ceased to exist.


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The Ancient Maya game of Tut to Tut. Warning!.

The ancient Maya

played a game like soccer

they called Tut to Tut

played with two teams

and a ball

that was passed around by the hip

and not the foot.

The ball was made of latex rubber

some claim it contained a human skull

For  one thing Tut to Tut was never dull

They played in front of a temple

on a strip of green

the object of the game

to score a goal by passing the ball

through a hoop made of stone

The winners were victorious

but for the losers it wasn't nice

because they chopped their heads off

and made them a sacrifice.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wouldn't like to have been a coach or referee.

Anyone for a game of Tut to Tut?.

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my ode to sungazing


Sungazing: Amazing
At sunrise or sunset
Changes colour with vibration
Pinks, purples and blues
Depends on you

Sungazing: Amazing
As ancient as Avebury
A dose of pure energy
Forget Red Bull or Dew
Get the sun on you

Sungazing: Amazing
But not too hight
In the sky
Will Damage your eyes
Shouldn’t surprise

But if vibrating right
Will see the sun
Burning so bright
It’s surface popping too
No telescope: Just YOU

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