Verse 1: I feel alive/Whenver I’m with you/Can you hear my heart/It beats only for you/Slow, steady, measured pulses/if you listened carefully/You’d realize its spirit in a crowded room
Chorus: If I could turn back time/It’ll be when I let you go/Beacuse I still am in love with you/I cannot move on/I cannot do anything/My days are filled/With memories of us/Can’t you show me love?
Verse 2: Show me love/Help me carry on/I’ll move on/If only for one/more chance with you

Bridge: Now, we cannot go back/I’ve thought it over/If it’s meant to be/Love will find a way/Love will light the path/Back to us/I can be your guiding light/If only you’d believe in us

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This took me two days to write (worked on it last week) and just finished it today (so, two days total). I just remembered I started a song but haven’t finished it yet. It’s inspired by my Acoustic Songs playlist on YouTube, if that helps. It’s obviously about two exes that still are in love with each other but for some reason: their forever which is a diamond ring not mentioned in the song, did not last as they both expected it to be. The diamond ring symbolizes esternity/forever with your significant other. For whatever reason, the now two exes broke off their engagement and one of the exes holds onto their love while the other lets go as the different parts of the songs show. I hope that is a good explanation for why I chose the lyrics to write as I did. It’s from personal experience as well.

A Painted Picture


Verse 1:

Our love is a painted picture

in it, are our memories made together

I can only show you all that I am

I can promise you that you're the one

If only you'd give our love a chance

Don't mistake lust for love

'Cause I truly love you



I need you here in my arms

Together forever, always with each other

Let's not fear our obstacles of this love

It only has strengthened us

it brought us closer together

to make our love better

Verse 2:

Our love is a painted picture

hold me tonight

'Cause I'm eternally your's to keep

For life, love, and more



Just call on me

and i'll be there

our love is a painted picture

Happy moments are yet to come

take me by the hand

i'll guide you

through dante's infereno

Realize March 25, 2007

When will you be able

To realize that

The world was our canvas?
Painted with a hue of colors,

The artist vividly decorates

His canvas with an image.

An image of the world.

Envisioning the future,

The artist paints
Relics of the world.

Adjourned with a goal,

The artist begins to paint

The final portrait.

Realizing the errors

Of his ways,

He sits aside the canvas.

Replacing it with another,

Painting the future,

The artist realizes

The world through

His depiction of reality

And the conflicts

Plaguing the world.

Realizing that the canvas

Was more than just a portrait,

He continues to paint

The world with

Premonitions of the future.

Satisified, the artist

Realizes that the canvas

He set aside

Was that of his lost love.

Departing from that realization,

He continues to paint the world.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem I wrote back on March 25, 2007. It's simple about an artist realizing he is still in love with "the one that got away".

Heartbeat Part 3

Verse 1:
Come away with me tonight.

This heart beats so alone

Without its better half.

Babe, you're my heartbeat.



All the rhythms lead

And point to you.

Can you run into my arms?

'Cause you're worth the fight.


Verse 2:

I'd do anything for us.

It's worth the aches and pain.

There's no price for what

I'd go through for you.



 This heart beats so alone

Without its better half.

Perhaps, now, would you return to my side?

'Cause you are my life's memory: my heartbeat.


Was it a sin to love you?

'Cause you're my posion.

This heart beats so alone

Without its better half.

For, you are my heartbeat. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Heartbeat Part 3" inspired by the Ariana Grande song: "All My Love" which a guy friend dedicated to me. I don't love my guy friend in that way though so I ended up breaking his heart...

Memory Part 2

Verse 1:

Retrace a lost design

Lost memories, etched in our hearts.

Where do we go from here?

Tell me, do you feel the same?



If you and me, if there's a possibility

Of becoming one with you,

Won't you take me into your arms?

Tell me, do you feel the same?


Verse 2:

Is it yesterday or just a memory?

Retrace those lost memories in lost designs.

Your dreams become my own.

If it's you, I can overcome anything.



These arms ache to hold and comfort you.

Won't you take me home?

There's something about this love

That I cannot communicate with words.


If there is any way,

Know that I'll always love you.

Tell me, do you feel the same?

Where do we go from here? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this "love song" today while thinking about a friend's older brother. It's the same guy that "Take a Chance on Me" is about. *Sigh* Am I that hopeless when it comes to love?