How Bad Is It To Learn How To Love?

How Bad Is It To Learn How To Love?





When was the last time that
you have loved and lost,
and truly learn
its real, real cost?



(Utter feelings we kept the most.)



Is there a kind of an exit plan in
this lonesome strife,
something that we'd
cherish through life?



Let, therefore, our choices be
the wisest,
Hoping to see us live it through
the longest



We tend to love the ones we
have loved more (and more),
more so, that we sometimes
have lost control, until no more.



(Utter feelings we kept the most.)









Torn Love

Im hoping the pain will heal in time,

How is it only now I can tell you,

I love you,

Please dont say a word,

I know youre in love,

I know its not with me,

The truth haunts my memories,

I know its too late,

The love we had was torn in two,

I have nothing left but tears,

Those are mine you cant take them away,

Like a comet passing by,

A shooting star in the sky,

The trail of dust left behind as it flies past,

Caught in the atmosphere of a planet,

It starts to heat up and burn,

Hotter and hotter it burns,

Plummeting towards the surface,

A giant crater left from impact,

It feels like a joke,

You never seemed like you cared at all,

You let me burn,

You encouraged the heat,

I fell in love with a fantasy,

A reality that never was to be,

Broken inside and out,

I wanted to take your pain away,

But now all I want is to be gone,

Youve gone away,

Left me here i n this crater,

Broken, burnt and alone,

The worst is over now I can breathe again,

I can think of you and not hurt any more,

Everybody hurts sometimes,

Everybody screams,

Eventually everybody walks away,

You take the memories we had together,

I will take the tears from the years.

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Realize March 25, 2007

When will you be able

To realize that

The world was our canvas?
Painted with a hue of colors,

The artist vividly decorates

His canvas with an image.

An image of the world.

Envisioning the future,

The artist paints
Relics of the world.

Adjourned with a goal,

The artist begins to paint

The final portrait.

Realizing the errors

Of his ways,

He sits aside the canvas.

Replacing it with another,

Painting the future,

The artist realizes

The world through

His depiction of reality

And the conflicts

Plaguing the world.

Realizing that the canvas

Was more than just a portrait,

He continues to paint

The world with

Premonitions of the future.

Satisified, the artist

Realizes that the canvas

He set aside

Was that of his lost love.

Departing from that realization,

He continues to paint the world.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem I wrote back on March 25, 2007. It's simple about an artist realizing he is still in love with "the one that got away".