Verse 1: I feel alive/Whenver I’m with you/Can you hear my heart/It beats only for you/Slow, steady, measured pulses/if you listened carefully/You’d realize its spirit in a crowded room
Chorus: If I could turn back time/It’ll be when I let you go/Beacuse I still am in love with you/I cannot move on/I cannot do anything/My days are filled/With memories of us/Can’t you show me love?
Verse 2: Show me love/Help me carry on/I’ll move on/If only for one/more chance with you

Bridge: Now, we cannot go back/I’ve thought it over/If it’s meant to be/Love will find a way/Love will light the path/Back to us/I can be your guiding light/If only you’d believe in us

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This took me two days to write (worked on it last week) and just finished it today (so, two days total). I just remembered I started a song but haven’t finished it yet. It’s inspired by my Acoustic Songs playlist on YouTube, if that helps. It’s obviously about two exes that still are in love with each other but for some reason: their forever which is a diamond ring not mentioned in the song, did not last as they both expected it to be. The diamond ring symbolizes esternity/forever with your significant other. For whatever reason, the now two exes broke off their engagement and one of the exes holds onto their love while the other lets go as the different parts of the songs show. I hope that is a good explanation for why I chose the lyrics to write as I did. It’s from personal experience as well.