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Reciprocated Love

Band Lyrics


Verse 1:

Even while I’m gone:

 Where’d you go?

When someone will take my place,

Wherever you will go, I will go there too.



 Whenever we’re alone,

Our song plays in the background.

You’re swimming in peace for so long

‘Cause I’m drowning in your tears.


Verse 2:

‘Cause babe, the possibilities are endless.

I surrender, I surrender my heart to you.

Been living a lie for much too long.

I’ll see you again once the stars fade away.



While waiting for you,

I see you again

In the parking lot…

It’s where we’re finally free



 It’s just only my heart

Wipe those tears away.

I know that this is how you feel

Now that I realized what you feel,

I’ll reciprocate them for you.

Though, it’s a little too late. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2014. Will share more from 2014 since I wrote 50+ songs that year in a few months time

Love Wont't Last the Night

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
If our love can last the night,

Take your time for all the love you'll give.

I know in the end, we'll be together.

Best believe it, babe:  we're in love.

If you just take your time on us.

If you just take a chance on us.

I'll sing my heart out to you.



I never thought of what I said in years

Until it dawned on me that evening.

Help me move on without you.

Maybe, I'll call you to see

Where this will all lead.

It's better late than never.

Our love can last the night

If only you'd let me in.



Though, I'm afraid that you made

My world goes round. 

I know that our love won't last the night.

If it does, it's fate's play on us.

Maybe, I'm amazed by the way you are.



If our love won't last the night,

I may have the strength to face it all.

I used to believe in a world of our own

Until you left me waiting.

Dangle me by the strings,

You're my puppeteer.

Our love will last the night.

Use me as you will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reply to Oceanlane's "Love Won't Last the Night", to be honest, and Oceanlane's "I May Be"

Darker eyes.


She walks with the wind. Even when she's inside

I'll follow behind, because I'm glued to those eyes.

Shes gone in a second so I wait til next time, its fine...


Evil it seems, she passes by and all I see are black stone diamonds.

Have yet to find the whites in those eyes, must just be iris. A mystery continuesly seeping through peach soft sockets, Ive tried to not stare but she catches each of my gazes. 


Something dark emits from her beauty it's weird but she can't be human, it's more than just simple she's put me under, and her spell doesn't get weaker. Cursed by sight but Im hooked,  nothing holding me...  not that I can see.. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not finished

Sleep, Wake ?

I woke up in the night,

Terrified for my life,

Thinking someone was watching me from the side,

Then I realised I had my phone beside me,

As my heart was racing,

And my anxeity grew,

I gave a girl a call,

Her name is Kayla,

She knew what to do,

She calmed me down,

Told me to relax,

Because she had my back,

So eventually I turned around,

To find out no one was around,

Kayla helped me threw out most nights,

And im thankful,

To have her,

In my life


BY Logan Sukkel

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based on what happenes to me at night 

A Painted Picture


Verse 1:

Our love is a painted picture

in it, are our memories made together

I can only show you all that I am

I can promise you that you're the one

If only you'd give our love a chance

Don't mistake lust for love

'Cause I truly love you



I need you here in my arms

Together forever, always with each other

Let's not fear our obstacles of this love

It only has strengthened us

it brought us closer together

to make our love better

Verse 2:

Our love is a painted picture

hold me tonight

'Cause I'm eternally your's to keep

For life, love, and more



Just call on me

and i'll be there

our love is a painted picture

Happy moments are yet to come

take me by the hand

i'll guide you

through dante's infereno

Lust is an Escape


Lust is an escape, a getaway, a desire to be captured,

In a moment of tenderness that leaves you enraptured. 

It’s distortion of love, it’s addiction of touch

Is the reason you deter from reality,

But I am still trapped in nothing but sexuality.

Your lips reach mine, only to ask for more,

While I am imprisoned and my heart lies soar. 

I wish you knew the misery of your bolt, 

You took my body for granted, you left in a jolt. 

My mind is running, it’s lost it’s way

You can try to guide it from where it came

But it is now enclosed and unwilling to be stray. 


Thank you for teaching me the definition of lust.

Lust is an escape, a gateway, a desire to be captured. 

Lust is an escape, a gateway, a way to be fractured.