Like The Tree Branches








Like The Tree Branches




...never liked Dancing

Yes, it could be anything

—but the Graceful ones

Wind I (A Haiku About The Wind)

Wind I

(A Haiku About The Wind)




The wind gusts through me

As was on a street corner 

But not on branches

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a haiku about winds and or wind gusts.  It is primarily composed for recording actual experiences about nature.  Its working title was formerly "A Haiku About Wind Gusts" that was later changed to "Winds I" (which was hoped to denote my first haiku about the subject).  There is an obvious "ontological commitment" (as for whenever I noted something up to this extent, 
in this type of entry field provided (for the author's notes/comments).  This time, the rest of the commentary would be truly personal (as it relates to one's own "value commitments" in recording events that which were thought to be influenced by supernatural/metaphysical agencies (on
an externalist lens/outside looking in).  A possible antecedence, or observed instantiation in such
similar instances/experiences, was also taken into consideration (while I recount them).  Even if it was said to be a metaphysical synonymy, this claim could still be highly debatable because of it being a philosophical argument.