An Abomination to God

The abominations of sodom

and gomorrah


The abominations of the flesh


Twisting and tricking the naked eye


I am an abomination to god


for I have partaken in the lust of the mutation


Unknowingly and knowlingly


I am always transvestigating to be sure


but sometimes it hard to know if its an abomination or not


I deserve to go to hell just as these abominations of satan do


A hypocrite 


It is hard to stay on the straight and narrow path of Christ


I spiral into sin


and decay


I can only pray for forgiveness for 


I am an abomination to god 





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Prayer of The Modern Day Pharisee


Sinners, Publicans – Pharisees, Scribes

Unto neither of these could I ever subscribe


For I read of both groups in the scriptures each day,

And both make me feel to exclaim when I pray,


“God, I thank thee, that I’m not as other men are,

Like those sinners and publicans - God keep me far


From their damnable words and their damnable deeds,

And more so than this – Oh God, keep me free


From those gosh awful Pharisees - they above all

Are the worst kind of folks who are destined to fall.


But rather God keep apart from these men

And I promise that things will go on as they’ve been


Fasting two times a week, paying tithes of my gain

Doing all that I do, but I need not explain


For Thou knowest all this, and the time has come when

I must wrap this prayer up, and close with amen”


No, I’ll never be like anyone from those tribes

Not like Sinners and Publicans, Pharisees, Scribes


For I’m nothing like they. No, my time is well spent

Me, a just soul who has no need to repent


…Jeff Bresee



Luke 18: 10-14

Luke 15:7



What a pity---

We all want it, yet

We push people away

Like their gift holds a bomb.

Their wrapping isnt pretty enough.

Their box is too wide.

Their bow is too small.


Its not as good as the last one.

This gift wont make him jealous.

We want the one thats sold out.

You want the gift that she has.

They push you away

Like your gift holds a bomb.

We all want it.

I want it.

But what a pity---

This box is too wide.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everybody wants to be loved yet we are all so picky. Or even just slightly picky. We want what we cant have. And we push those away who are willing to give it. Instead we wonder "whats so good about her?" "Why doesnt she notice me?" When we dothe same thing.

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What The Hell Am I Doing?

Everyday the same
Hypocritical shame
Reveling in pain
Spiritually insane

Saying one thing, doing another
Not being the man, student, brother
That I should be for each other
Because there won't be another

So confused
MY grace abused

All I know is: If I choose life
Then what the Hell am I doing?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something short that came to mind one day... Hope you enjoy the randomness of it... I'm still not sure

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Innocence and Instinct

Light and Dark

Faceless fear
Brilliant Courage
My angel my innocence
My demon my instinct
The devil in my head
The angel in my heart
What is my face
Harder to find
Always fighting
Never resting
One would set me free
The other takes control of me
I want the angel
While I court the devil
Who will win my heart
But until we have faces
We will always wear a mask

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