What a pity---

We all want it, yet

We push people away

Like their gift holds a bomb.

Their wrapping isnt pretty enough.

Their box is too wide.

Their bow is too small.


Its not as good as the last one.

This gift wont make him jealous.

We want the one thats sold out.

You want the gift that she has.

They push you away

Like your gift holds a bomb.

We all want it.

I want it.

But what a pity---

This box is too wide.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everybody wants to be loved yet we are all so picky. Or even just slightly picky. We want what we cant have. And we push those away who are willing to give it. Instead we wonder "whats so good about her?" "Why doesnt she notice me?" When we dothe same thing.

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