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Couldn’t wait to see the world now it’s a click away. Everyone’s shot gifted universal play.” Things change” But if we have a gift of writing use it to your advantage I am a poem lover in a very unique way. Let the city lights shine above you. But what is below me is deeper than the ocean. I have a different rhythm with a right to your heart balance, I love all the modern technology so many fun gadgets Or being home with your tablet. I would like to think my words have an artistic vibe with energy . When I need to relax Yoga is my speed. Going to the cafes I love to travel to be worldly. My face lights up holiday window's the lights and shopping. How the people just fascinate me.
* * *
New inspired me the writer I love people and the bright sunshine. But also the foliage I love people in my spare time I love to write poems I won many awards
You can call me the book lover also the hard-working wife.
Artistic computer savvy my books are being sold on Amazon. The universe goes in a flash. But our poems will always last. We modernized our ways from candles to high-tech. We need to escape but let our feet stay where they need to be firm on the ground.
I cannot imagine being anywhere but home with my family. I love to sing and make my own homemade videos.
It was like a gift I never had inside of me I always had a musical ear a voice to be heard. They show your emotion let's join hands give more love and show the world who you are on a mission.

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Robert Frost, E E Cummings Emily Dickenson


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