hopeful love

Could you, would you?

Love & Romance

I'm looking for a girlfriend, someone who's true,
She must like to be spoiled, and treated good too.
Someone who isnt..., afraid to be loved...
She will be the one, I'm always thinking of ..
She should like to talk, instead of argue and  fight
She should like to cuddle, morning, noon and night!
She must enjoy sex, and like to take charge sometimes
That's the kind of woman, I want to have as mine.
She should be honest and faithful, just like me,
Devoted and attentive, and as compassionate as can be.
I would love her forever, and she'd never be abused
I'd not call her bad names, or make her feel used.
So... do you know someone, or could you be she?
That would enjoy being loved, by a man, just like me?

PAUL A. POSNEY - 12/26/2019

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The One

Love & Romance

I've not known love in such a long time

to have a person in my life, I can call mine.

One who puts my happiness before their own

someone who's heart; will never roam.

If I had a love; someone like this

then my life; would be nothing but bliss.

Time spent together; would be nothing but fun

how could it be anything else? If they are the one.

we'd never argue or fight, choose instead to talk

and never would we have a subject we'd balk.

at night after dinner, we'd sit together

and we'd snuggle real close; in the coldest weather.

When we have sex; it would be so much more...

We'd make sweet love; until we were sore.

Then in the morning; we'd make love again

being that happy, I cant remember when!

When we go out; we'd walk hand in hand

when others see us; they'd say; "Ain't love grand?".

Yes; its been to long since love found me...

will it find me again, only time will see.


by: Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 1-9-2015


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this... Because I miss having someone in my life!

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Sweet Nothings

Love & Romance

Sweet Nothings

I thought that I should tell you, your beauty inspires me
I thought that I should say, dear friends? Yes; I'm sure we'll be
I thought that you should know, I see you in my dreams
And how, up on waking up, so real those fantasies seemed

I wanted to write you a poem, as beautiful, as I find you
Then sadly I realized, that was something; no one could do
I wish that I could whisper, sweet nothings in your ear
Though they're called sweet nothings, words of love, you’d softly hear

I wish that you were mine, to love through out my life
I wish that I were yours, and one day you'd be my wife
I wish that I could show you, the love that you deserve
I wish we were making love, both wild, and unreserved

I hope for you the best, with all; life's gifts, and treasures
It is my deepest wish; you enjoy life's, sweetest pleasures
One day if our souls meet, maybe long years so far away
I hope that you remember me, and the fun we had today

© Paul (ChryWizard) Posney2004

The Love Letter

Love & Romance

My dearest love, to you I write

I've not found you yet, but one day I might

This letter is to tell you, of... the love I hold for you

And the many different ways, in which... I'll try to show I do.

I'll love you like no other, I'll hold your heart; with care

I promise, through all your troubled times, I always will be there

I'll stand tall right beside you, you'll never be alone

In my arms, you'll feel safe, and, my heart will never roam

Faithfully; I'll love you, no other woman could compare

When it comes to my love for you, Rose colored glasses, I'll always wear

When we have a problem, or simply disagree

I'll listen to your opinion, that’s how my love will be

I'll never ask of you, what I'm not willing to do

I'll place your needs, before mine, that's how; I will love you

I'll never disrespect you, your honor I'll hold up high

Never once, in my life, to you, I'll ever lie

I'll share with you my secrets; I'll tell you all my fears

Because of what we have together, you'll even see my tears

I'll kiss you hard, I'll kiss you soft

I'll kiss you with such passion, you'll; get off!

Fairytale stories, you'll see, are true

You'll be the Queen; my love... is devoted to!

I'll try to be, the best lover you've had

And, still show you, my inner lad.

In your eyes, I'll always see

Love so pure, you have for me

I see myself old, with hair all grey

Still loving you like, it's our; first day

Holding hands or, arms to waist

Walking together, at a slower pace

One day, you'll read these words I wrote

At least my love, that; is my hope

You will know, when you do

I wrote this letter, just for you.

With a love, that knows no bounds,

Lovingly yours, your one true love

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney©2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this hoping the woman who I'm meant to love would read it, and find me...( it didnt work)

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