The One

Love & Romance

I've not known love in such a long time

to have a person in my life, I can call mine.

One who puts my happiness before their own

someone who's heart; will never roam.

If I had a love; someone like this

then my life; would be nothing but bliss.

Time spent together; would be nothing but fun

how could it be anything else? If they are the one.

we'd never argue or fight, choose instead to talk

and never would we have a subject we'd balk.

at night after dinner, we'd sit together

and we'd snuggle real close; in the coldest weather.

When we have sex; it would be so much more...

We'd make sweet love; until we were sore.

Then in the morning; we'd make love again

being that happy, I cant remember when!

When we go out; we'd walk hand in hand

when others see us; they'd say; "Ain't love grand?".

Yes; its been to long since love found me...

will it find me again, only time will see.


by: Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 1-9-2015


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this... Because I miss having someone in my life!

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