Life’s so sickening when odds are against;

Makes me revolt when it’s worst;

Excitement in no time turns into sadness; and I

Look for my reckoning when chips are down.


The darkness that devours my life of gay

Overshadows and casts its gloom of grey;

Blindfolds me and puts me on hold!

Is quite painful when I find no way.


Options are many, but too far flung

Good or bad I damn care!

All that I opt is, what’s that is natural,

As it takes me to the world of ecstasy!


Give me the mind which can just think;

Think and enjoy the way I dream;

Show me ‘The One’ who can take me

To the world of fantasies!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The writer likes to get rid of stress, tension and pressures of life so as to be in his world of fantasies enjoying perfect happiness

I'm Afraid

I’m Afraid

I’m afraid of people
I’m afraid to die
I’m afraid of cars
And planes in the sky

I’m afraid of cancer
Im afraid of death
I’m afraid to choose the wrong direction
Both right and left

I’m afraid of elevators
I’m afraid of heights
I’m afraid to go fast in cars
I’m even afraid of strobe lights

I’m afraid to talk
Or to hear the sound of my own voice
I’m afraid of everything
Of everything that is choice


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Sonnet #1 - Words to live by

Do stop the things you do at this here time
there's something more important you must do
your thoughts on other matters put behind
your thoughts on any matter you must lose

this simple step you must never forget
to breathe so slow and deep your lungs are filled
the earth's fresh air to enter, you must let
for worry, pain and fear to have been killed

Now go speed up your heart in healthy ways
your body young and fresh is best to keep
do savor every moment of your days
and seldom burden yourself with much sleep

Ben Franklin said these words that you must save
there will be enough sleeping in the grave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just getting into poetry and decided to try writing my first sonnet. Fun.

Glass Jar

trapped in a delicate glass jar,
cramped with no holes to breathe.

overbearingly and unceasingly,
the walls are quickly closing in.


i am struggling
and if i scream,
i will find myself swimming
in a sea of broken glass.


i hate to admit
until my duties are completed
i will be dreaming of clear skies
and fresh air
as i'm spiraling down these depths
of despair.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is just something i distracted myself with during class. it's about the stress of school, and how i always let the work pile up until i can't spare another minute avoiding it anymore

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Tickling trickles down your forehead...
They amplify the snowy static
This tension has never been so physical
I've swallowed all of the faults that don’t make the picture more beautiful
Like capsules of white out and each belch reminds me of it
When does logic cross purpose?
Like a street without a sign, you can only find lost
How can I agree, argue, consult, or admire
Such a different creature
Maybe this stress, this stimulation
It’s the world expiring through my cracked window
It’s an earthquake only under my feet
Its rain without clouds
If the world doesn’t exists as it’s perceived
It just exists
And we’re all crazy

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When I get
to the end of the time
that I am allowed,
and I am still working,
I get stressed!

I need this done,
but I'm still working,
not close to finishing,
so I have to work
until it's done.

Sometimes that takes
quite a while.
Sometimes that takes
just a little bit.
I'm stressed.

My head starts to hurt,
my stomach gets upset,
I start getting cramps,
and I get irritated.
I'm so stressed.

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The Human Race

Appointments and schedules

 Time limits overdue,

 Restless and weary

 No time to let loose.


Hustle and bustle

 Rush and still late,

 Frenzied and frantic

 This can’t be our fate.


Get busy, let’s hurry

 Try to keep pace,

 Exhausted and tired

 Impatient, can’t wait.


Try to move forward,

 No time to waste;

 To make progress in life

 Advance and make haste.


Depleted and eager

 Worn out and fatigued,

 To create a better future

 We learn to succeed.


With pressing agendas

 And long list to-do,

 Chaotic commotion

 At the end of our fuse;


A spinning vortex of time;

 Life is streaming by quick.

 It seems just like yesterday,

 that we were mere kids.


Gone by in an instant,

 a sudden blink of my eye,

 everything I've ever known is changing,

 all I can do is wonder why.


So much stress to get something done,

 but does it matter what we do?

 Life flies by in an instant,

 it’ll all be over soon.


Relax, slow down

 Unwind and rest;

 Live for each moment

 And savor each breathe.


We try to accomplish so much,

 Leaving no time for family or friends;

 It’s a quick race to the finish

 When you burn your candle from both ends.

~Deziraye Wald~

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Tragic Filling-In of Blanks

English poems

Cataclysm conjured cryptic cognizance.


seeing sparingly salacious ________________;
smelling sparsely squalid _________________;
hearing hermitically hypnopompic __________;
tasting tritely tannic _____________________;
touching tranquilly textured _______________.


nomadic nothingness.

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101 in 1001

You know what
Fuck it all
Make it all


Seeping down into my soul

I can't
I can't take
I can't take anymore

I want
I want to
I want to be
I want to be happy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hoo boy, angry poem is angry.

But, you know, poems such as this are so cathartic.

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