Riding That Fence

Here I stand on the fence.
Future on one side,
past on the other.
Indecision plagues me,
as I dare to love you.
I am so frightened,
I've been so betrayed.
Trust just gets harder,
every second I delay.
You are my best friend,
the one I adore.
But forevers so permanent.
I try to ignore it,
but worry comes on strong.
Because I could never,
intentionally hurt you.
How can I tell you,
I need you to be mine?
But I need some time.
To figure out this path,
I am taking with you.
I am not so sure,
about its length,
or its direction.
But there is never,
any doubt about you.

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You are

Sad and all alone

Walking,planning, thinking

That nobody really cares

For you

For you

An empty cruel world

Turning,spining, changing

Out of control the world is hurting

A lot

A lot

You cry and hurt


Their pain is more you can bear


Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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I can't walk straight

I can't talk straight

I can feel a head-ache

I can feel a stomach-ache

Is it because of you

Is it what you do

How can I feel like this

Feeling good is what I miss

It will be ok

It will be ok

Life goes on without me

Life goes on without me

Help me!!!!!

Help me!!!!!

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Things eat away at my insides,

Begging me to bleed,

Wanting me to give up,

So they can consume the rest of me,

Suicide entering my mind,

Ignoring the exit,

Positive thoughts leave,

So they won't turn pestimistic,

The negative ones take over,

And tear my brain in half,

My mind is telling me to surrender,

My heart is telling me to last a little longer,

It tells me I will be saved,

It says that he will rescue me,

And I will always be happy,

My brain refuses to believe,

Like it has done so many times,

So my hands don't know what to do,

Because they don't know what's going on inside,

So they just try to take a look,

Just a little glance,

Rip the flesh and bleed away,

Take a look inside,

But I only see the red,thick liquid,

So I drink it up a bit,

Even though the sight remains blurry,

I think I understand.

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I'm above my physical disappearance

Departure from baggy eyes and bad attitude

I feel a little weaker these few last days

Every time I drag my feet further along

Carpet fiber feels a little different

When you hadn't intented to be on the ground

I'm getting kind of concerned

It's a rather special feeling

I'm still a little indifferent to your cause

But maybe it's because I haven't found one of my own

I shouldn't be so weary at this early hour

And I've awakened in a cold sweat with my pants down

I'm too tired to question it

Even after being unconscious for twelve hours or more

Winding eternal while struggling to be creative

I've seen so many wandering people at a blurred glance

And while everything's remained irritably still

It feels as if the room's shifted while I stay the same

Maybe that's the formula I was meant to be a part of

As my purpose seems to be to interact or to interrupt

I haven't received any individual treatment

Because everyone seems to be one collective mental disease

Even if I did manage to find the cure or the solution

I'd probably break the bottle in which it was contained

And I'll just assume

That this is how it was meant to be.

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Always awake,

An insomniac

A quiet and exhausted child

Needing a break to take.

No time to stop,

Worries galore

Fear running through her blood

Can’t even stop, to look at a clock.

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Mirrors around me

I hate them all

They haunt me

And it makes me sad

I'm insecure and

I can't stand it

I hate pictures

Don't want them

No camera in my face

Because I hate it

I'm insecure and

It makes me unhappy

I'm alone and I'm broken

I see others and I turn away

Afraid to talk to them.

Because I'm so insecure!

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Running Blind

Songs (not mine)

Can’t find the answers

I’ve been crawling on my knees

Looking for anything

To keep me from drowning

Promises have been turned to lies

Can’t even be honest inside

Now I’m running backward

Watching my life wave me goodbye

Running blind

I’m running blind

Somebody help me see I’m running blind

Searching for nothing

Wondering if I’ll change

I’m trying everything

But everything still stays the same

I thought if I showed you I could fly

Wouldn’t need anyone by my side

Now I’m running backward

With broken wings I know I’ll die

Running blind

I’m running blind

Somebody help me see I’m running blind

Running blind

Running blind

Running blind

I can’t find the answers

I’ve been crawling on my knees

Looking for anything

To keep me from drowning

I’m running blind

Running blind

   By Godsmack

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God Smack so rules...

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High school

Life is like a box of chocolate,

You sometimes get a rotten part

But for all of you who didn’t

Screw you because now

I got a box overflowing

Overflowing with all of your rejects,

The grossest kinds imaginable

I hope that some one else

Gets a few bad chocolates

Maybe ill get a good one,

Ill never eat it.

Just to be safe

I eat the bad ones

I get sick

The ones I didn't eat

Infest the good ones

Now all that’s left

Is the bitter chocolate

The ones of death

Ridicule, demise

Chocolate of anguish,

Damnation, temptation, pain,

Desperation and suffering

The talent of a woman

Is matched only by my chocolate

Both can do the same

Bring me to my knees

I’ll cry and pray

Just take me away

I can’t live like this,

Eternal, hell on earth.  

The punishment of mortals

Is to live a life like mine

I die a thousand deaths

And still reborn unto this

My life doesn’t wax nor wane

Simply trucks on and on

Burning me alive

But ill never die

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why wont this life be cleansed i can take it anylonger

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