Just for a Moment

All I need is a moment

Oh dear God please, just one

Just one moment of crisp thoughts,

Clear blue skies, freshly painted walls,

No passers by, just silence

All I need is a moment

Just one moment without hearing my child’s cries

Without the screeching of brakes and

Roaring motorcycles nearby

No ringing cell phones, loud voices, or violent outbursts

Of a dangerous guy

No screaming fear inside

Just one moment of peace

Just one moment without life

All I need is a moment

Oh dear God please, just one

Just one moment without irrational arguments and

Pleading desperation and convincing him of why

Why the control leads to destruction

And that will not fly, and why anger, revenge, and

Heartless threats only hurt and drowned beauty,

Build up resentment inside

All I need is a moment

Just one moment of rest

Smelling the flowers, tasting the chocolates

Watching a funny show, just plain rest

Just a moment of quiet, lifeless, rest

Pure relaxation, deep breaths, tranquility, rest

Living without rest, rest with no life

It would almost be worth it to give in, don’t have it in me to fight

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I am enthralled by a mild fit of hysteria

I see it as a chance to express the hurt within

In time, I'll surely learn to stop holding back

And punch the closest person as hard as I can

I am nothing short of commonplace

I see your world through the eyes of contempt

I bet at some other point, I would have admired you

But I would have been just as wrong as I was before

I can't seem to figure out why you move the way you do

There's no sort of mystery other than a lack of intent

I can't tell what you meant by your association

Or why you even chose the words that you did

And I ask you openly with hornets pouring from my throat

Why all of the foul play as the curtain falls to the floor

What can be said that justifies the ice in my arteries

Please give me something that hasn't been said before

You've made it clear, the care has been absent

But what else can I say to stop myself from screaming.

You know that this isn't right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is so stupid.

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I journeyed down this street of mine

No waves were made but eyes would follow

I was deaf to the world without much concern

But I made sure to glance over my shoulder

I didn't see much, didn't really care

The cars could avoid me if they choose

Without much idea of where I was going

I just waited for the sweat to emerge

To feel that sense of escape

It was nice for the moments it lasted

But I found myself frightened

And was stupid enough to return home

And here I am without anything positive to say.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is hardly even a poem, I don't know why I'm keeping it.

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Just Like Me and You.

SongbirdAnais (5:48:28 PM): but u love her and ull keep running back.

SongbirdAnais (5:48:33 PM): ur like me with u almost.

SongbirdAnais (5:48:36 PM): ALMOST.

kerbykid101 (5:49:29 PM): almost?

kerbykid101 (5:49:35 PM): in which way

SongbirdAnais (5:49:38 PM): well lets see if im right.

SongbirdAnais (5:49:40 PM): :

SongbirdAnais (5:49:45 PM): u love her to death.

SongbirdAnais (5:50:00 PM): it was really spur of the moment when it happened

SongbirdAnais (5:50:11 PM): u REALLY werent expecting to fall in love with ehr but you did.

SongbirdAnais (5:50:30 PM): and now ur together and in the begininng,all was well and u thought you were both happy.

SongbirdAnais (5:50:37 PM): u think right.

SongbirdAnais (5:50:39 PM): WRONG.

SongbirdAnais (5:51:13 PM): u begin to discover thigs about her and things that peole warned you about with her but u dont give a DAMN cause u love her too damn much.

SongbirdAnais (5:51:18 PM): and now u know shes a liar

SongbirdAnais (5:51:22 PM): a mnipulator.

SongbirdAnais (5:51:29 PM): and possibly a cheater as well.

SongbirdAnais (5:51:42 PM): but again YOU DONT CARE because u love her SOOO DMAN MUCH!!!!!

SongbirdAnais (5:51:59 PM): and ur completely oblivious to whats right in front of your face for a little while.

SongbirdAnais (5:52:05 PM): but hten u realize that it is there.

SongbirdAnais (5:52:08 PM): she is a liar

SongbirdAnais (5:52:23 PM): and she more than likely is a cheater but u dont care.

SongbirdAnais (5:52:37 PM): becuase u love her beyond a rason why and you dont ever wnat to lose her.

SongbirdAnais (5:52:41 PM): but ur willign to share her.

SongbirdAnais (5:52:58 PM): just to know u have even the SMALLEST part of her heart.

SongbirdAnais (5:53:06 PM): to know that she thinks about you AT ALL inher day.

SongbirdAnais (5:53:17 PM): and you love her WAY to much...

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7:15 p.m.

2007-2009 Poems

Tomato juice on the bland face,

Olive oil seeping under my skin.

All of today except these – overflow.

Washed out and gushing

To the hollow, silver drainage.

Strained spine arches closer

Seeks comfort in the hot shower.

Steam fleets with an exhale,

Below, the eyes meet the convex flesh.

Which was never there.

“Purple rain, purple rain…”

Prince serenades on the background.

“I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.”

I sing along but it’s not purple-

Deep bluish gray melody resounds.

Life’s bullet radiates, embeds, shines.

Its gunpowder never runs out.

But with frail cartridge, how can I go on?

Pulling the trigger for survival, for change.


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So much has happened lately,

a floating feeling left inside

with a casual expression of regret.

I despise the pretty pink girls,

money falling out their surgically enchanced ass.

With daddy to throw them porsches and jaguars,

baby blue and steamy red.

My life has turned curvy,

pushing people into the vortex.

Moods fluctuating between expresssions.

All I have left is my pride.

Catastrophic events ensue,

a volcanic erruption of absolute pleasure

in knowing I'm not alone.

Hurricanes blow over inside my head,

bleeding out the pain I'm feeling.

All the meshes of emotions

making me scared to close my eyes at night,

when I lay inside myself.

Dreaming and scheming of some way to free the hate.

But without a direct plug,

I'm unable to sinc my waves with anyone else,

though it isn't a real surprise.

I'm just buying my time,

till lately becomes the past.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Welcome to Hell, may I take your order??

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See the Change...

Suffocating in tears that the dreams have made,

taking little droplets of sadness to form a sea,

Despair has over flown the hope I could spare,

leaving nothing but these shadows that made me.

Look, watch, and stare, see how its been,

false hopes have overridden my escape,

leaving me like this, a fucking disgrace,

take a step back, see the smile on my face.

watch as I play pretend,

as I practice, in this place of faith,

watch the hate and sadness fall from my face,

but I warn you as I wipe it clear,

this is nothing but a shield of fear.

your making me go back to the place I left,

where theres nothings left but a small taste,

I'm melting into a pool, Myself I degrade,

watch me now as I fool this parade,

smile so sweetly, be happy today,

But nothing can stop me feeling so gray,

my lyrics are so false, they dangle so dreary,

dull and exposed to what they really are,

What they could of been, and what they should of been,

these words of a tasteless remedy and begotten melody,

With a Harmony formed from a choir of tears,

These chords struck by the fires of fears,

An endless fight after all of these years.

Take some time out, just take a moment,

Review, recollect and Remember,

Your not alone, not alone, just never alone,

no matter what or where you go,

to Far for you, to far for me,

I can't see how black the day can be,

I just live for the sake of living,

when I wish more then it could ever give me.

Maybe I should consider some other sort of relief,

another sort of forgiveness that doesn't consist of this belief,

without reopening these scars my arm has bled,

Fuck it, never mind, I'll make new ones instead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

12:37 Thursday 24 May 2007

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I want to be someone else, to look in the mirror and see something that I like but that will never happen. Everyone in my eyes look beautiful but when I see myself all I see is imperfections, mistakes. What is there to like about myself? I'm to shy, quiet and never say the right thing. No one ever notice me until I do something extreme, like try to change the imperfections in my life. I work ten time harder to be someone I'd be proud of. I'm not nearly as smart as half the people I surround myself with. I can't draw beautiful landscapes. I don't have a voice of an angel or even the dance skills. I used to be able to play tennis, basketball, volley ball I used to even be able to dance and since but now nothing. Not only did I try to reach perfection and failed but I've destroyed everything I held dear. I've become a hypocrite, telling people they are perfect the way they are that beauty comes from within but then when it comes to myself it's the complete opposite there is no beauty inside or out. My friends tell me otherwise but they don't see what I see. the mistake of a seventeen year old the girl who wasn't good enough for her step father, the girl to never measured up to anyone I'm the girl who was told that I deserved what happened the girl whose ex told that I don't deserve to live, the girl he blames for everything bad that has happened to him, the girl he could hit and shoot down when he was upset at the world. I'm the girl who wasn't good enough to get the attention until the day it was over. I could never be perfect enough for my past. How could I ever think that I can be perfect enough for my future. I can't... I'll never be perfect in mine or their eyes I'll always be number two to them and never number one on their list. IMPERFECTION! It's the very definition of myself.

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I know there is no way a person can be perfect but what do they want from me...I'll always be imperfect!

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someone had left a baby in my care (were they out of their minds?)

the baby in the desk drawer

wasn't watered for a few days

ceased its wormlike writhing

went from hospital pink

to midnight white

gnashed its horrible little mouth

at an unseen finger then

grew increasingly motionless

clutching an unseen throat

in its stiff little hands

leaked all its colour

in blanket wet spots and

revealed its alien bones

'neath a human skin:

enormous skull a giant white egg

baby face all puckered up

atop its brittle(little) spine

drawn like a mad rictus

vertebrae in appalling


digits taper alarmingly to claws

for a soft pair of eyes

to demand an answer:

Why have you done this to me?


the baby will be studied

its lack of sex carefully noted

before the broken shell

softly disintegrates and

black dust settles on the bones.

but when will the parents

come home?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this guy with a neurotic fear of a baby or maybe the baby was actually really evil?  who knows?  you tell me.

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