I bring this on myself

I’m in a rage

Things start to break

I can’t escape this fucking cage

Life causes me pain

People criticize

She is what saves me

This I realize

I Scream out

In the night

No one comes

But I’ll be all right

This is

This is what they all think

Wonder what they would do

If they knew I was on the brink

When I snap

Things go wrong

I have put everyone through this

And I’ve done it for too long

I need you to know

I’m not fucking around

If this torture keeps up

I’m on heading for a breakdown

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moving on

i close my eyes but the tears still fall

try to hide myself from the shadows away from it all

the pain doesnt seem worth it anymore

im sick of being hurt, my heart has tore

no-one seems to notice

no-one seems to care

im done wasting my time

wishing u were here.

im giving up on you

im giving up on love

nothings changing my mind

im throwing down the glove.

when i think of love

mistakes come to mind

it doesnt matter now

im leaving u and everything else behind.

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High School Love

I once loved someone

I twice loved someone


Could I?

Would I?

Will I?

Can my heart take it?

Am I prepared?

What if it happens a fourth time?

Will I be able to handle it?

Will she treat me right this time?

Will the third time be the charm?

Is it possible?

Do I love her as much as I think I do?

Is this what it feels like to be heartbroken?

Rejected.. taken back... rejected... taken back..etc?

When will it stop?

Will it stop?

Is this meant to be?

Why do I try so hard?

Why do I care?


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Just tired of Crap

High School Love

I hate all this shit

It's get's me so freakon mad

To feel like your the only one trying

Man Shit I hate all this shit

Sometimes I don't know what I want

Do I give it all up or

just try and make it work

why do I have to make it work

Why must I try so hard

when it seems she just doesn't care

Doesn't see things from the way I see them

Doesn't understand my feelings

Maybe she does

maybe she doesn't

I'm just tired

and right now

I'm going to sleep

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Vanity *


I don't know why. But, I've always been,

One step from the edge, back broken and bent.

I've always tried. But never quite made it,

One step from the end, heart twisted and braided.

I don't know why. I just never got it.

One year chasing the wind, no wonder I never caught it.

I don't know why. But, I've always been,

One year from the ledge, choking on the scent.

I've wasted all my life here,

Chasing breeze from here to there.

I've wasted countless hours,

Drifting dazed, alone and scared.

Every goal I've strived to meet,

And every new and pointless feat,

Never had a point or purpose.

I've done nothing to deserve this.

Chased the wind for far too long now.

I face the end, it feels so strong now.

I've chased the wind, and where's it leading?

So alone, the light's retreating.

Not a sound but my heart's beating.

Spent seventeen years on the verge,

Never had the fear or courage.

I don't know why. But, I've always been,

One step from the edge, my back to the wind.

I've always tried. But, never quite made it,

One step towards the end, no need being afraid yet.

I don't know why. Guess I just don't get it.

Throw my fear to the wind, and myself along with it.

    - Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Vanity, vanity, all is vanity." King Solomon

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Wasted time, all alone

Screaming voices in this broken home

I see you, so clearly

I wonder, can you even hear me?

Broken hearts, lost souls

Sems like nothin could make me whole

And you tell me, you're leaving

Do you even see me weeping?

I can't breath, my heart aches

How much shit do I have to take?

Why can't..we be?

I wonder..Do you even love me?

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To You

Tonight is one of those times,

When everything inside of me is going through a breakdown.

My heart feels broken and betrayed;

My lungs are slowly collapsing;

My stomach is feeling butterflies, as if I were on a roller coaster ride.

My eyes no longer want to see what lies ahead, they just simply want to cry.

My body has little energy left in it; all it wants to do is die.

Give itself the taste of death, and with every injury let the ruby red blood flow.

If I live I might regret it, but then i'll think of something better that'll let me leave this world behind.

When that happens, and I am gone

don't cry for me, just simply smile and look beside you knowing that i'm still there loving you.

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(A Lai)

My heart is hurting

Can't find any relief

Only pain

And sad my heart,again

Rides in waves of pain


At the bottom slides

With no place to hide

But go

Where broken hearts cry

And Angels will dry

Their tears...

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If you're so afraid,

To get hurt or used,

You could be with me,

And then you can see.

But all you see is the ugly me,

I can't stand on the ground firmly,

I'm just a loser who is lonely,

Who loves it when the rain is pouring.

I wish I could take my name,

And turn it into something great,

But all they see of me is pain,

Is it my love for the falling rain?

Or do they just think I'm just going insane?

All these questions burn tonight,

And still dies my sad empty light,

Fault I hate blames me today,

Regrets inform me, the mistakes I've made.

I'll sing this poem to you tonight,

But first take my hand and hold it tight,

But I know you're just being friendly,

You're finding a nice way to tell me gently,

It's such a mystery,

Why I can't just wake up and be happy,

I follow my heart and look where it leads me,

To dozens and dozens of unhappy endings.

I envy those who are together,

Everything for them works out much better,

The question begs, am I just misplaced?

I can't stand the reflection of my own face.

And so I sing this poem to you tonight,

Now I know you'll never hold me tight.

Now it begins, I'll lose life ever faster,

And still my questions will remain unanswered.

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