They Fought For Our Liberties Yet We Fought Not For Theirs

They fought for our liberties yet we fought not for theirs
They watched their friends and comrades die
Let them live in alleys or on a park bench as if nobody cares
Is this the reward we give them for sacrificing their life

They enlisted in the service as any proud man does for his country
Dodged bullets, grenades, rockets, terrorist attacks & land mines too
Now returned home we leave them with mental scars and hungry
We toss them aside as if they do not exist and treat them cruel

Back home they rushed with their heads held high
Those who lived that is, lucky enough to escape the horror of hell's wrath
Exited planes proudly, hiding the pain & wondering why they did not die
Waking up at night sweating, reliving a bomb that blew up on the path

You were drinking a cup of hot coffee and reading the morning paper
They were knee deep in freezing water, trembling in fear, guns held tight
After a joyful day at work you join your pals drinking in a mischievous caper
No party for them as they Burl deep in the cold ground for the night

You drive home with a buzz, kiss your wife, and put your children to bed
Take a nice warm shower, sit cuddling in front of a movie, laugh and eat
No luxuries for that soldier fighting for you because he has to count the dead
Carry his comrades wore torn bodies to be stripped head to feet

If he is lucky he will squeeze in a quick peak of a photo of his kid
Kiss the photo and mentally tuck his child in to bed
You slumber a sleep of fantastic and wild awesome dreams, heaven forbid
While a hero mentally pins his eyelids open, no time for sleep, evil he must rid

When was the last time you thanked the hero's that fought while you slept
That missed the children they love, while you tucked yours away warm
Most of them came back broken, missing limbs, while all of yours you kept
They can't seem to get decent medical yet for you they rode hell's storm

They fought for your liberties, when in God's name will you fight for theirs!

By: Wayne Hoss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Tribute to our military and all that they do for us. Thank You!