I Love You

To My Wife

I want to say I love you

But you’ve heard it all before

In different ways

Different places

New schemes on how to say it

How do I make it special?

How do I get across

Just how much I want you

How much I need you

How much that I love you

That I’d give my life away

If I could make you smile once

And I would say it’s worth it

Because I’ll spend my whole life

To make you happy

I’ll give my last breath

To make you feel safe

And needed


And loved

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Sad but true. Love does not

Sad but true. Love does not last because is not real

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The Reality and Necessity of Love

Philosophically true; accordingly what is not percieved is not "real"; and yet perception cannot be trusted to be truth either.  Yet I find that love is the strongest and yet least used power in the world. It's love that influences our descions; love that shapes our very selves. To live is to love, and our every descision is based on what we love. If we loved each other we would live in utopia, and yet we love ourselves instead. It is an effect of the fall, it is a deeper understanding of another person, and a lifelong commitment to the betterment of former said person. If love is not real, than I myself am no more real. Thank you for the enchanting  réveillé. 


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