Do You Even Know?

This Love


Do you even know?

Can you even fathom?

Could you ever have guessed?

...How much I have loved you?

How much I wanted you?

How much I love...and want you still?


That I carried a torch,

That burned out of control,

Yet had to be smothered,

To only smoldering embers,

Hidden inside me, till they burned,

A scorched mark upon my soul?


That never, ever, were you forgotten?

Even when maybe, you thought-

No one cared, no one loved you,

That someone out

Never forgot, never stopped

Never could, even if I tried.


That you were the only one,

Who most impacted my heart,

Who made me really feel alive,

Who seared your very self into my soul-

A place I never allowed anyone else access-

And now, still, only you reside, forever.


 Do you even know...

That now, that we have again connected-

At last...that if I died today,

I could die happy, content,

Knowing that my one, long-treasured dream,

Finally and blissfully...came true






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Beatnik1979's picture

great poetry

Great poetry asks a engages your audience (the reader) and really personalizes the feel of it.Well done 

cathycavalcante's picture

Well thank you very much for

Well thank you very much for your kind words of reply, Beatnick!

I appreciate them!