I'm Gonna Love You Right

This Love
We've both had our share,
Of hard times, sadness and pain,
But now, despite the losses,
We are now, each other's gain.
I see into your gorgeous eyes,
The longing there, for affection.
I know too well, that feeling, Babe,
And know too well, that rejection.
I vow to make you, always smile,
To bring sunshine into your days.
I'll let you know, how much I care,
In so many wonderful and different ways.
I will be the one, to hold you close,
To take care of, your every need.
I want to be your life's helpmate,
And let life, take us, where it will lead.
I'll be there whenever you want me,
Be it in morning, noon, or night.
Because My Darling, know this truth,
I promise...I'm gonna love you right.
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