Cherry blossoms all over
I ponder
On "I am the truth".
Mansoor Al Hallaj said so
And got slain
By the Baghdadis.
Bayazid Bastami too
Said this but
In encrypted style.
Junaid and even Dhun-noon
Fully knew
The truth of Hallaj.
Martyrdom is not easy
Yet I must
Keep pondering deeply:
"Ann'al Haq"
Is not a lie at all
But it is wise to be quiet
And move on
On the path of good
For the drop must join the sea.
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on Saturday, April 16, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mansoor Al Hallaj was a well known mystic of Baghdad during the Abbasid era. He started meditating on "Minn'al Haqq" which is Arabic for "Where is the truth?" And, as history relates, he was immersed so much in his contemplation that his lips started uttering "Ann'al Haqq" which is Arabic for "I am the truth". When asked by the theologians of the time --- who were accusing him of blasphemy -- what he meant by uttering "I am the truth" when (as they asserted) only God Almighty is THE truth, Mansoor Al Hallaj replied thus: "It does not the drop must join the sea." Only a few understood the meaning of Mansoor's reply and in the end he was executed. The other names I have mentioned here are all names of those mystics and gnostics who were in almost the same meditative state as Mansoor Al Hallaj at some point in their lives. Yet they knew that it was a divine mystical secret which cannot be understood by everybody. I agree.

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Devout and visibly God-fearing Muslims get ready for prayers
As the call for "Come to success" blares from mosque-speakers
All night long my whole being longed for communion with my God
My heart beating in love and my system weeping a flood of blood-filled tears
Is ritualistic prayer all that matters to You, tell me O Almighty Allah
Is any act without total intention really acceptable in Your Sight?
I have given my life and where-withal for the sake of Your limitless love
And for Your last Messenger, peace be upon him, have pledged my all
I seek, just like Prophet Moses did, peace be upon him too
To see the majesty of Your Being each day and night even I rue
So please look inside the real me O Lord God of all worlds
Mere and mechanical rituals mean naught to me or to You too...
I am all Yours, O my most loving and caring Almighty Allah
So, please include me among Thy true, faithful servants and lovers, O my Al-Wadood*
I just cannot go and pretend in front of the world like the others do, I can't O my All-Knowing Lord
But You, as I am aware, also know that very few love You like I do.
You have given me everything in terms of blessings, favours and honours
And the best of Your blessings upon me is a woman whose love I treasure
Nobody, thanks to You, is better than me in the poetic verses, You inspire in me
As revelations quivering in my heart  and making it soar higher and higher
In my literary endeavours and in the tasks You choose for me to do

O my Most Glorious Allah, I remain distinct too
So, forever grateful to You I am and know that all praise belongs to but You.
So, I say yet again, O my all-aware and ever protecting Al-Wali of mine
That I belong to You first and foremost and forever shall be Thine.
I accept that I do not observe rituals like robots and programmed machines
But humbly I point out, what You Yourself know, my love for You is greatest and sublime.
O, my Lord God Allah, nobody can work against Your Will and thrive
The Bible, The Glorious Qur'an and all true scriptures: they too do not lie:
When in each and all of them You have stressed on the heart, mind and soul
Being in total consonance with the rituals so that worship becomes truly whole
Of what we utter and what we do when kneeling and bowing our heads

In front of none but You, but tell do me, O dear God,

Isn't worship sans essence, like a being that is "dead"?
So, O  my Ar-Raheem,  let me not be among the ritualistic mechanical worshipers

Who rush to calls and bells when the calls and sounds clutter
But, this O my Rabbil Aalameen, I beg to Thee

Count me among those who live and die for You only.

(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on Feb 9, 2011)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, mentioned here is Prophet Muhammad.

*Al-Wadood is Arabic meaning "Most loving" and is one of the most beautiful Names of Allah as mentioned in the Arabic versions of the Glorious Qur'an.

*Al-Wali is Arabic meaning "Protecting Friend/Guardian" and is also one of the most beautiful names of Allah/God Almighty mentioned in the Glorious Qur'an.

*Ar-Raheem means the "Most Merciful" in Arabic and it is also one of the most beautiful Names of Allah/God Almighty mentioned in the Glorious Qur'an.

*Rabbil Aalameen means is Arabic for "Lord of all worlds" and refers to Allah/God Almighty.

Inspired by the pre-dawn incidents and street scenes on February 9, 2011. People, no matter to what religion they belong (I am a Muslim), have started giving more importance to ritual worship devoid of the purity and intention of the heart and soul, which springs from loving God Almighty as He deserves to be worshiped -- with all heart, mind, thought and intention along with unflinching purity of the soul. I am not criticising anybody or anybody's belief, faith, religion or way of worshipping God here. Far from that, I am only pointing out how I love my Allah/God Almighty with all my total whole and have even pledged by life and everything I have been given by Him to Him and Him alone. I love my Lord God Allah/God Almighty with all my faculties and do not subscribe to ritualistic acts lacking sincerity of purpose and sublimity of thought and purity of intention. And Allah/God Almighty knows this --- this unchallengable utmost love for Him above everything else. I am His and will always be His first and last....and pray that His protection, love, care, mercy, kindness and all-ecompassing love for not just me but all His creation ever remain as sublime lights of truth in every fibre of my believing total self. I stress yet again that only Allah knows the secrets of the hearts and minds of men, women and children, and I am not blaming or ridiculing or making fun of anybody here. I am only stressing on what the essence of true love for Allah/God Almighty must be inside all of us and how real worship should be. This is a mystical and metaphysical, religious poem and not a criticism of anybody human, belonging to any religion whatsoever, in any part of the world.

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