exposing the facts of worldly life and discussing the bliss found in The God's love.


The summer night and the full moon,

Have an effect of their own,

When seated alone and all to myself,

What a night to make many swoon!


My heart is losing interest in all,

These creations, slowly yet surely,

Except my Creator who is mine?

This is the fact and perhaps a call.


To me, to leave this world's facades,

And return to the One who deserves,

My total love, of heart, mind and soul,

My Sustainer: Now the only goal.


Human love, ah, how it changes!

Wavering like a low flame's light,

Never constant and never mine,

Far from me are its huge ranges.


It is my Lord God in my heart now,

I have already given myself to Him,

So when the summer night and the moon,

Rise and gaze, I am lost in His love.


The girl, the maiden, I loved and lost,

The like of whom I have not seen,

It seems even her soul comes down,

Telling  me of what all I have got.


In this materialistic and untrue world,

It is my Lord God Almighty alone,

Who has saved my heart from being rent,

Then why not should I cry and repent?


I care no more where my friends are,

They are all okay, this much I know,

When they have no time for me,

Why should I worry or myself mar?


In my Lord God's love I find peace,

Joy, calm, an ethereal feel,

So, I turn more to Him these days,

As He welcomes me with His embrace.


When I bow down to Him I am His,

When I kneel, my being lights up,

When I pray, His Light shines fully,

Blessing me with a spiritual kiss. 


This world is now a sorry place,

Where the rat race for more is on,

Whereas it is all bound to end,

This sojourn here ....is it our place?


Fallen from Eden, our first parents came,

And the Gardens of The God are for us,

This world is reaching its full term,

We have to return and without a blame.


It is either Heaven that will be for us,

Or Hell fire, with its burning hiss,

In the love of my Lord God is my grace,

I have been saved...To Him all praise.

All the prophets sent for us by God,

Have warned us about this deception,

The trap of Satan and his wile guiles,

Still, we are being goaded by his rod.

The "Lord is my Shepherd" -- it is so true,

All Praise to Him who made me and you,

Everything is bound to perish save Him,

It's time to mend lives and pray to Him.

His love has no bounds, nor His grace,

He has no wish to punish us at all,

It is we who are bent on destruction,

Wait! Let me revel in my Lord's call...

Every wise man and wise women knows,

That the end of the world is quite scary,

"This is not our home": They say to us all,

"Strive for Heaven, ere Hell's fury blows".

The mercy of my Lord God is great,

His forgiveness is beyond compare,

He has warned us of where we 'll go,

Both Heaven and Hell for us do wait.

The lover of The God Almighty knows,

That to Him he has to go,

And In His merciful, loving presence,

The truth is that pure, divine love glows.

Farewell O world, I am fed up now,

Of all that you possess and boast,

In the loving presence of my Lord I live,

And the truth is: This love is the best.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired to compose these lines as if a divine call awakened the poet in me to rise and write it down as it came. The truth is the truth. I have lost interest in this world and its petty pleasures, small joys and more at seeing hypocricy and the greed for more and more possessions and acquisitions without regard for any virtue, value or human decency, we have got trapped by Satan very grandly. I thank my Lord God Almighty, the One and Only, beyond compare whose greatness, mercy and compassion as well as His love are. All praise to Him.

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