I am the drop of water,
Cut off from the seas,
My broken heart is the house,
Where He lives unseen,
Still, there are endless hours,
When I have no peace.
I am the son of Adam,
And of Mother Eve,
The Spirit in me is He,
Which nobody sees...
Death is ordained for me,
For the Spirit must move on,
To higher realms above,
His is the Increase...
His Light shines in me,
And I must perfect it,
Or else abandon myself,
To the lowest degrees.
His divine tavern is mine,
He is my best Saqi,
His love is my strength,
And it does not decrease.
I am man, He is God,
I am mortal, He eternal,
Nothing can be like Him,
And He is not a fraud.
The sages of the ages,
The prophets and their pages,
Understood and accepted,
The facts of all the stages,
He is the Maker, I am made,
Of many a world's mixture,
He is the light that doesn't fade.
So like Mansoor Al Hallaj,*
Die for Him and live on,
Forever and ever in Him,
His Oneness -- none can gauge.
I am His and He is mine,
And He is my source of life,
The life that is eternal,
Sans body and sans all strife.
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay, on September the 16th, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*MANSOOR AL-HALLAJ: One of the most misunderstood mystic saints of Islam. He was executed for divulging a divine secret to those that did not have the sense to understand the wisdom of what he meant when he, in a state of divine rapture, stated: "I am the Truth"; adding that the droplet of water and sea are the same in nature but the sea can exist without the droplet while the droplet cannot ...without being a part of the sea.
God is God and there is none like unto Him. A drop of water I am but separated from the great sea...I suffer and the longing to be one with Him. He is incomparable and beyond all definition that any imagination or inventory sense can conceive. He is God and there is none like unto Him. He is the Living, the Eternal while we die and live, live and unto Him is the journeying.

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