*Mystical Color*

Sept-28-2003 1:40pm 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Reds oranges yellows and some green 
So bright and beautiful 
A cover of leaves paint the ground 
The gorgeous color covers every seam 


So quite so peaceful 
Birds cherping and making thier nest as winters call 
Mysticle and Sightful 
Magical colors comes every fall 


Mother natures awesome creation 
Different colors through out the nation 
But sadly it only comes only once a year 
Before the winters cold chilly call 
A silence outside you'll hear 
Until you go in the leaves to have a ball 
Before you know it The snow will begin to fall 


White glisten ice covers the outdoor floor 
Just sitting there snuggled up so calm and peaceful 
I dont want to leave 
I want it to come more 
I wish you could look through my eyes and see 
What i have stuck in my memory 
I get to experience this glory i wish you were here with me 
This mysticle color comes after September 
I wish I could always store 
The colors I always want to remember