inner peace


I cant be held back,
Not for one more day.
Its time for me to move on,
And no i didnt enjoy my stay.
But tomoro im letting go,
Im well over due to shine.
And if anyone asks how im doing,
Ill reply with just fine.
I wont let my guard down again,
Ive built a much higher wall.
Ill expose my self a little bit,
But i will never let myself fall.
Its time for me to grow,
I know i can excel.
No one will ever Suspect,
That i even fell.
I will be a whole new person,
With a sparkle in her eye.
Veins pumped with confidence,
Anything im willing to try.
Where did all this beauty come from?
I guess i opened my soul.
Its time i shared it with the world,
And its time a gained a sense of control.
I know ive got it in me,
I just need to pull through.
And i know i have a guardian angel,
To show me what to do!


As these eyes of open, the luminous gaze followed and this twisted carnage faded,
The unseen future holds a different sight than before,
How could one experience such audacity?
Rigidly cleansed this one sacrilege persona into anew,
It changes everything, vividly,
Swallowed are these darkened manifestations into the sealed epitaph,
The usual concealed self now freed to reach for the never-ending horizons,
Those cursed beings cruelly toyed fragmented souls like puppets no longer,
Satisfying eternal greed for beautiful torment they no longer,
No more,
Every single of them wretched malfunctions of this demented realm have perished,
Refusal to submit to those sinister self-created gods I take,
An odd thrusting force is gaining momentum inside,
Triumph over one sinful self is a moment equivalent of taking life oneself,
It’s a time like no other – a time that always forever be the seed of new beginnings,
As the gates of Alpha opened before this healed soul,
Kneel to the empowering emotion of harmonious melodies,
Exuberant, this swift-paced beating hearts surfaced,
Waiting for the next cosmic star I remain still,
This single burgeoning question enraged to be retorted,
What mysteries, the Fates had in store for me this time?
Only they know,
For now, let’s begin the new prophecy.

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Lying mixed the noise

Soft temptations pon the ear,
sweet sensations pon my tongue.
Quiet ease upon my mind,
heartily tease upon the soul.

sweet breath upon the heart,
sweet depth immerse the soul.
Lie me hear soft as sound,
though we are but prisoners here.

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