Faint at first the drums beat, then louder. 
I have been unchained, unleashed. 
My cell has been opened. 
I feel the rhythm beating within my chamber. 
The furnace glows red and blood like steel boils. 
Burning veins from within . 
Outside vultures. 
Circling, dancing in the sky on tattered wings. 
Spitting venom. 
Their shadows block out the Sun. 
In darkness I stand alone. 
The drums beat their monotone    
The flame burns violently. 
Fed by pain, my inferno. 
It’s heat burns the darkness away. 
Pain retreats. 
 I surrender myself. 
With hatred engulfed I roam, 
Incinerating the beasts, ripping out their tongues. 
And when the fires subside, 
I look back at glowing cinders and ash. 
I flee, from myself, I return bound to Tartarus, 
Alone . 
Until the drums beat their monotone. 

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