Generic drugs have been hailed for the impact they have had on the United States healthcare industry. These group of medicines has ensured that Americans have access to affordable yet qualitative prescription medicine, thereby ensuring improved healthcare delivery.

At its most basic, a generic drug is a copy or replica of a brand-name drug, dispensed with the same dosage, intended use, effects and side effects, route of administration, risks, safety, and strength as the original (patented) drug. Unlike the original medication, a generic drug enters the market at much less a cost compared to that for a brand name due to lower production costs and less stringent regulatory approval routes/paths.

These characteristics of a generic drug mean that the market teems with a lot of producers of this brand of medicine. That many players mean that competition is steep in the generic drug market. And this competition is put putting downward pressure on the pricing of generic drugs in the market. The latest quarterly results of two leading generic drug manufacturers, Impax and Perrigo, lay credence to the fact. These companies missed revenue expectations by at least 20 percent. Overall, the generic drug sector anticipates that prices will fall by as much as 9 percent in the current year. Some enthusiasts also opine that generic drug prices will continue to experience accelerated deflation in the first half of 2017.

This brings us to the question of why is the case with the pricing mechanism of generic medicine in the United States and the rest of the world.


It is important to note that US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made generic medicine production/facilitation as well as market price equalization, one of its key focuses. So if generic drugs receive such enormous official goodwill, why does a downward spiral in price still occur?

We may need to look at the kind of generic medications that obtain regulatory approval in the first place. The number of Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) which are termed ‘first timers’ has steadily decreased over the years. A first time ANDA is a generic medicine made from an original that had no copies before. In other words, the FDA is approving more generics in a market already brimming with similar copycats and fewer approvals going out for innovator generic medicines. Simple Economic logic shows that the more available a product/service is, the lower the cost of the product/service in question.

Another factor in falling generic drug pricing borders on the activities of wholesalers. These actors wield influence by engaging in a pricing war, by offering better pricing to pharmacies, rather than to national supply chains. At the same time, these wholesalers also arm twist drug manufacturers into giving them better bargains on drug pricing.

A way out?

A plausible solution to stemming the tide of falling generic drug pricing might lie in innovation. But that seems highly unlikely given the nature of the generic drug industry. A more practical (workable) solution looks to be generic drug manufacturers coming together to consolidate the market. This consolidation could eventually make the market attractive and profitable enough for investors to provide additional funding and improved capacity.





Generic Drugs Differences and Benefits


Generic drugs are usually cheaper than their brand name counterparts and that's one of the reasons why people sometimes like to settle for it. Generic medications are designed and structured to function the same way as an approved brand named drug.


They work the same way in terms of safety, strength, stability, dosage form, performance characteristics, quality, and route of administration. Both generic drugs and brand name drugs use the same active ingredients and so they have the same benefits and risks. So in essence, a generic medicine is a brand name drug that uses a different name so it's safe to say they work just the same as Brand name medicines.



Differences between generic drugs and brand name drugs


Slight differences are allowed between generic drugs and brand name drugs as far as they is no change in the way the generic drugs work or its safety when used. Visit to: ndrugs.com


There might be changes in their inactive ingredients and the way it looks but its underlying active ingredients are preserved. Therefore, Generic drugs could differ in how it is packaged and its labeling because it does not affect how the drug works.


It can also vary from its brand name counterpart when it comes to color and shape. Another major area where generic drugs can be found to be dififrom brand name drugs are in the inactive ingredients used such as in preservatives and flavoring.


However, the FDA must have approved these inactive ingredients as as safe before it can be allowed in a generic drug. Although generic drugs might also have a different expiration date when compared to brand name drugs, it must be shown that it can keep its effectiveness before it reaches its expiry date just like the brand name product.




Benefits of generic drugs


  • Generic drugs are less expensive

    Like we said earlier, one of the subtle but major reasons why so many people buy generic drugs is because they are way cheaper than Brand name drugs.

    The reason why this possible is because generic drugs do not have to do all the testing and research that brand name drug manufacturers usually do before they get approved. They only need to copy the drug formula that already exists and this saves them the cost and by extension allowing the drug price to stay low.

  • They are bioequivalent and have the same quality

    When it comes to the biological composition of the drugs, generic drugs must be bioequivalent to the brand name drug. FDA has strict guidelines concerning the quality of composition for generic drugs and generic drug manufacturers must show that the drug is bioequivalent.

    In essence, this means that the same dosage of active ingredients of the generic drug that is delivered to the body at the same time can be used by the body just in the same way as the brand name drug

    Before any generic drug can be approved by the FDA, there are a set of stringent guidelines that must be met as well as other research that must be done to prove the bioequivalence with its brand name counterpart.

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"Only You Know Why"



The shot repeating, enters me again,
But I travel through time,
If only when, I have my eyes closed,
From the prison inside my mind,
The hands of time, now completely still,
My sins wrapped in the cog spring,
Crimson dots, still smeared by the window,
Won't let me forget about things,
 Only you, know what hate is made of,
 Only I know that you lied,
 Now while I'm at the bottom,
 Is where I will leave you,
 And only you know why,..continue to deny,
They don't come around, here as often,
Now that the air has a tang,
A movie reel showing, exactly how I stopped him,
Wasn't I someone that day?
Memories now opaque and faded,
Will you remember me when I'm gone?
A constant search, for an endless place,
Where I just finally might belong, 
 Only you, know what hate is made of,
  Only I know that you lied,
  Now while I'm at the bottom,
  Is where I will leave you,
  And only you know why, a lesson turned to       lies....
Sunday morning, surrounds me weary, 
Yet, I will still try to hide,
A little mercy, dissolved in the bloodstream,
Regret corroding my life, could've stopped him I,
All these things, will not compound you,
For I've paid the tolls with shame,
My hands now grow, so tired and useless,
As they grasp the rain, just to see her once again....
     Only you, know what hate is made of,
     Only I know that you lied,
     Now while at the bottom, 
     Is where I will leave you,   
     And only you know why,
     The cause of my goodbyes,
     Setting fire to my life,
     So I'm glad you fucking died...

I lost her


I yearn for you,

But we're, sitting in silence and im just trying to catch a word of your thoughts,

Are you thinking about me?

Do you even still think about me?

Brutal heartbreak, how much can one heart take,

You sleep naked infront of me and my eyes search your body for the scars that I left,

I want to, be inside of you and heal you from within,

I want to,

I want to bend you over and,

I want to, but,

I am not your enemy,

I am not your friend,

I'm everything I couldn't be for you,

And everything that I'm not, within.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Forever my Taco

a talk with Mr. Black

a talk with MR Black


I came across something that got my attention
its name was Herion, I guess I should mention.
I said hello, can you answer a question?
I have friends that just love you
why is that? whats so special that you do?
I waited a minute, to hear its reply
it answered back, because you ask, I wont lie
I give my users a sense of peace
I take from them pain and give them relief.
if you do me, I make things feel right
and I'll never leave you, morning or night!
I'll give you a way to escape your pain
I'll help you hide from lifes game.
Now doesnt that sound like I'm a friend
Remember, I'll stay with you until the end.
I thought for a moment...and said thats sounds fine
But about the stories, I hear all the time
How you ruin lives and take some away?
he just smiled and said... sometimes you pay!
Yes its true, I can ruin your life
but... if you love me like a husband or wife
I'll never leave you, and if you try leaving me
I'll give you such pain, you'll beg me please.
you'll do anything to stop the pain
you'll even sell yourself in my name...
I take from you all you got
and my friend, I wont stop
I'll take any love that you might have
I'll take away your kids, your mom or dad
I take the friends the you go and see
I dont want you thinking, you can live without me
I was shocked by what I heard
he wasnt lying, or being absurd
Then I ask, why would you be like this
it answered back, I can give you bliss.
Just try me, and you will see
I'll give you whatever, inside a dream
you'll do me and then you'll nod
and while your out, you can be robbed
Robbed of all your self respect
robbed of a love you'll one day regret
your self esteem will fade away
and you'll convince yourself its okay
I could not believe what I just heard
Black was true to his word
he didnt lie, or hide his sins
He knew that many would welcome him in.
he had taken some friends, which made me sad
I turned away, disgusted and mad
I thought about a woman I loved before
She had chosen black, and died on the floor
Her needle laying next to her side
the thought of her death mad me want to cry
She gave up our love and loved black instead
because she loved black, she now is dead.

as I turn from him I heard him say

I treat your kids, one of these days


©11/05/2016 Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had to write something about this topic.

This drug was almost in the trash along with

cross tops, reds and yellow jackets... however,

it has came back with a vengence.

I have lost 3 friends to this drug, so here

is my take on it....

(Btw. no I dont)

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What a hot mess all of this has become

I crawl out my aching bed

As it begs me not to slither out the door

Another day of coordinated confusion

Greets my gritty eyes

I listen to music about sex until I arrive at class

And then attempt not to dose off

I looked forward to cigarettes

Drugs and booze

Like I used to look forward to field trips


From across the room she's making a face

I've never seen before



That same homeless man is at the store


This time he asks me for two cigarettes


We are too high to be driving

Why are we not slowing down

Something throws me forward 

I wish were home


From across the room she asks for two cigarettes

Driving helpless I've never seen before

I wish


The store she's making

Helpless asks for home

Again two cigarettes


Something throws me

Why are we helpless

Why are we selfish


Room the glass trickles down

On my across skin

Bleeding breathing


Night falls, I go to sleep

Still shaking



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"Pain Don't Hurt"

Just a thought!

"Pain don't hurt!"...

    "Screams of the walking dead, poisoned by pain killers"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just a thought"

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I'm actually starting to feel

After being numb for so long

All these emotions flood in, so real

It's natural but at first it feels so wrong


It won't be easy to travel this path

But now I know I'm not alone

The second I start to feel it won't last

I can reach out and pick up the phone


Meeting people in the same place

Helping each other get through it

Suddenly there's a smile on my face

Because I realize I can do it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(October 2014) Wrote this in rehab. Such a good feeling. This is still how I feel today. I CAN do it. :)

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Wasting away,

On this island I've made,

Got it made in the shade,



Is no concern of mine,

Drifting in and outta mind,

Tryin to leave it all behind,


In the distance they appear,

Rumbling softly into my ears,

Storm clouds now are getn near,


Things arent what they seem to be,

Look down deep inside of me,

Disillusioned in what I now see,


But I fret and tatter not,

For my sins in the substance got,

I inhale its fragrant rot,


Until the next time I will score,

I hear no thunder evermore,

Stopped the rain before the pour,

This junkies' life that I adorn.....

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