Read This before You Use an Online Pharmacy


Internet drug stores have proven to be a viable option in saving cash or getting rid of unnecessary stress. However, the use of an online drug store can possibly raise convoluted situations that will one way or the other creates health problems for you. Read the information below before embarking on a journey of dealing on the internet for medications. More info:

Compromised Privacy

Lots of consumers are mainly on the internet drug store because they are peculiar about keeping their privacy intact, this is because they do not want to have to share their health problems with the physician or discuss about their choice of medication. “Getting in line to begin a conversation like that seems so hard however; the next choice of action may be even more dangerous” argues the director of the alliance for safe online pharmacies Libby Baney.

Most of the time online drug store that are outside the soil of the United States promises to give patients medicine without asking for prescription. That genuinely speaks danger. Medications bought on the internet without the need for prescription is lacking authenticity. These medications are mostly without an active ingredient or many times they may even contain more dangerous ingredients, says Baney.

A report stated by National Association of Boards of pharmacy argues that 96% of the various internet drug stores are not in line with the federal and state laws required for the adequate safety of users and or patients. The report clearly stated that the medications shopped for on the internet are found wanting when we talk about originality.

To add to the danger that comes with shopping online for drugs there are laws that actually bind against shopping medications online outside the United States of America. It is against the law to:

·        Purchase controlled medications without a written prescription given by a medical doctor that knows your medical history and have previously have you assessed. Medications like sleeping pills, stimulants and narcotic painkillers are all illegal to purchase online from stores outside the U.S.

·        Purchase medications that do not have the approval of the Food and drug administration (FDA) while you are on the United States soil, no matter how legal it is in the purchasing country.

Standard internet drug store will request for prescription for any medication being ordered. A safe transaction of medication online should be from a verified pharmacy and should require a prescription.

The mail order drug store alternative

Prescribed medications are often expensive says the 24% of people that consumes prescribed medications, a report by Kaiser Family Foundation. So there are no surprises that consumers are looking for ways to buy cheap drugs.

It’s possible to get good prices online however; there are other ways to cash saving and convenience.

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